Being able to accept criticism from other people can sometimes be an extremely difficult thing to do.  Usually people fit in two categories: they listen to everything someone else says as the law and must obey it, or they do not listen to anything anyone says.

ignoring accept criticism

I am still working on getting better at accepting criticism myself, but I wanted to share the things I have learned thus far in order to help those that are also struggling with this

Understand Other People’s Motivations + Backgrounds

One thing that you must come to realize, is when you start to listen to the criticism of other people, everyone has their own motivations and desires.  Some people may be telling you something in order to sabotage you, cause deep down they may be jealous if you achieve success (this happens more often than not).  Others may tell you something that is only at the surface level of the problem, but not truly something that can help your situation which may be deeper.  And lastly, there can be people that are trying to help you achieve your goal and actually think what they are saying through. You want to weed out the people that are actually trying to help you and not sabotage you.

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The next thing to keep in mind when accepting the criticism of others is to understand the other person’s background on the topic.  Personally, I would not want advice on how to write blog posts from someone who wrote their last paper back in college and has not written anything since.  Instead I would want advice or criticism from someone who has been in a very similar situation.  The closer their situation the better.

Taking Things With a Grain of Salt

grain of salt accept criticism

The rule that I like to follow, when it comes to most people is that they will give you criticism very easily and you should take it with a grain of salt.  The fact of the matter is that most people have their own motivations, goals, and backgrounds and are not trying to accomplish what you are trying to accomplish.  On top of that, they also probably do not know much about the topic that you are trying to improve in.  So, in most cases, simply do not put much thought into what they say. You can listen to what they have to say, simply do not internalize it.

Who should I Accept Criticism From?

mentor accept criticism

The ideal person whom you should accept criticism from is your mentor.  Ideally, this person knows MORE than you on a certain topic and knows that your goals are and how you must accomplish them.  This person can also see you as you are and how you can overcome obstacles and hurdles along the way.

Now plenty of times, you do not have this person as an option.  In that case whom do you listen to?  If you are hearing a similar thing from multiple people that have decent experience in the area, then you should listen to them.

For a recent example from my life, my YouTube Channel was struggling recently.  I posted plenty of videos but was not getting many views or subscribers.  A friend of mine that has 11,000 subs on YouTube, and a bunch of friends that watch tons of videos that told me that my videos were not engaging enough.  I ignored most of them thinking that they do not all understand.  Then I met up with one of my favorite YouTubers and asked him for advice as he has 1.5 million subscribers. He said my videos must not be engaging enough if I am not getting the views that I am looking for.

So, I cut down the amount of videos I do and spend more time creating and editing the videos in order to make them more engaging for my viewers.  So far, it has paid off thanks the advice of many people.  But I only listened when I had enough credible evidence from a reputable person.

How to Take the Criticism

How do you take the criticism then?

If you have been given advice from a mentor, then I highly suggest you take that advice and use it to change your methods and process in order to get closer to succeeding.

On the other hand if other people have given you the criticism, what you should do is first listen to them.  Hear what they have to say.  Then spend some time along, and do some self-analysis.

When doing the self analysis, bring up the things other people suggested that you do.  Ask yourself, does this make sense? Should I try this? Is it possible that their advice could move me forward? Play devils advocate with yourself, see if its possible at all that these suggestions could help improve your situation.

If you decide yourself that it is helpful, then go ahead and implement it, fi not just move on doing what you do.  PRO TIP: If their advice is to quit, or that you are too stupid and you should not be doing this… tell them to fuck off.  You do not their negativity or lame advice.  If you are reading these posts, you are not a quitter.  You fight for what you want!

dont give up accept critcism


In the end, there are plenty of great people that had to listen to advice of other people to get where they ended up.  Sometimes others are right, other times they could not be more wrong.  Its up to you with this information to decide.

Thank you for making it to the end of this post.  I hope you can now know who to accept criticism from and how you can implement their advice.

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