Have you ever kept working on something and seem to make no progress? Never taken a step back to even think about what could be wrong how you could improve? Analyzing failure is crucial to success.

I used to do this all the time and am still improving on this. Today I wanted to talk about how you important it is for you to take constant look at how you are working and progressing.

Why Analyze Failure

The example I gave in the last section of being stuck on something for a long period of time and not realizing what you are doing or how you are progressing is an issue. If you never take a step back to ask yourself questions (the right questions) or maybe why you decided to do something or how something is working, then you will struggle to understand why you are achieving the same result or non-result you are achieving.

In the end, the actions you are taking determine the results you are getting.  If you are failing at achieving your goal, then you must analyze failure, as that tends to leave clues.  You will end up wasting so much time doing the same thing that gets you no where, without spending time to think and understand why you are not achieving what you think you should.

dog analyze failureWhen you ask the right questions, what happens is you realize holes in what you are doing, that can cause you to be failing.  Then it allows you to make the necessary changes to move on knowing exactly what the next action steps are that you must take.

How to Analyze Failure

There are many ways you can analyze failure, but here lets look at a general example of what it really consists of.  First take a look at what you are trying to do.  Write it out clearly, “I am trying to do X.”

Once you know exactly what you are trying to accomplish, you now can focus on what you are currently doing to achieve that.  It goes something like: “I am trying to achieve X, so I am doing A, B, and C.”  While you are doing this you must be completely honest with the level of effort you are accomplishing those things.  This is important, if you are not honest with yourself, then that defeats the integrity of process.

honesty analyze failureNow you that you see what you are doing to achieve X, ask yourself some of the following questions:

  • Am I doing the correct things to get to my goal?
  • Should I put more or less effort to achieve the goal I desire?
  • Is there some information I am missing?
  • Am I being completely honest?
  • Do I need to follow a process of someone else?

    analyze failureForms

    There are many forms this can be done in:

    Short term:

    These questions tend to be very specific, maybe a problem you are facing today.  For example, let’s say Catia is trying to use Photoshop to create a picture for her class.  She has no idea how to use cutting.  She’s blindly looking for the tool that she would use.  Instead of wasting time, she analyzes what she is doing, and starts to do some research on it.  Soon she figures out what to do.

    Medium Term:

    This is something that you are noticing is happening as a trend.  Maybe you are losing weight and then for the last three weeks the scale has not moved.  Digging into what you have done the last three weeks may have the answer.

    Long term:

    This usually has to do with what habits you have that you must change in order to change results. It must be something that you are doing consistently hat is causing the lack of results.

    Let’s say Gianni decides he is gonna read a book, but he is tired and does not want to read at 8 when he comes home from work.  So he realizes it is a habit he has.  He then changes the habit by moving reading to happen before work when he has more energy.

    Start Analyzing Failures!

    I hope you try to be aware that you need to start analyzing the things you do regularly to get where you need to go!

    This is all fine and dandy, but you need to take action.  I want you all to remember what you read and stop wasting your time by reading books that do not have an impact on your life.

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