Mind is the Creator

The Law of Attraction has really been manifesting itself in my life so I wanted to share with you my findings that I have come across over the past couple of months.  You can create your own reality and attract things into your life, but you have to see it first in your mind.  Your mind is what creates everything in your life.

Think of your mind as the architect and life as the final product.  You must have the plans laid out in your mind all drawn out.  Once they are all drawn out, they can come out in real life! One key I found was that you must emotionalize your visualizations.  I want to talk about why this is important and how I go about it.

Why Emotionalize Visualizations?

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Visualizing the way you want to be or your dream life is a fun activity! It is something I look forward to every night.  There is one reason why – it is because it feels real.  It makes me feel like I am at that end goal and gives me a sneak peek of what is about to manifest in real life.

Here is a fact that you must learn to effectively attract things you want in life: the subconscious mind cannot tell the different between what is real and what is imagined. So, if you can add feelings to the images you are seeing in your mind, you are essentially telling your subconscious mind that what you are seeing is true.  It feels real, therefore to your subconscious it is real.

Attract Things – It Works Both Ways

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Now, if you think about it, this is exactly how you end up attracting things you fear as well.  Unfortunately most people use this law without knowing it when it comes to fears.  They get scared that something will happen.  So they start thinking about it.  The fact that they are focusing on it, causes them to feel the negative emotions that are associated with it.  Making the fear real.  Once its real to the subconscious, it will attract into their lives.

Control How You Act

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When the subconscious mind sees something as true, it is your automatic mind.  It determines how you act normally without implementing will.  Therefore, if you can control how you act normally, then you can control how you act.  If you control how you act you can determine how your results will turn up in the end.  Which in hand means, you can get to your goals by programming your mind to believe you are that person!

How to Attract Things in Your Life

The first step is the find a quiet place. One where you will not be disturbed.  Start by closing your eyes and breathing deeply to calm your body down.

Focus on the thing you want to achieve.  For example, if I want to make one million dollars a year, I would maybe visualize my bank account receiving 1,000,000.00 dollars every year.  When you see that object you desire clearly – feel the feelings that are associated with achieving your goal.  Going off our example, feel the confidence you have from making that kind of money and the feeling of security that you do not have to worry about money.  The key here is the more emotional you can make it the more it can influence your subconscious mind!

    Start Attracting Your Goals!

    Hope you use this wisely as you can use it in the other direction and completely change where you are coming from and make a negative situation out of it.

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