People tend to make the new year the end all be all.  They wait for it to come as a time to work on their goals.  They put off doing anything for the goals to start on the new year because “the time isn’t just right” or “I am too busy with the holidays”.  We have all heard these excuses before and have probably used them before.  Never again will you or I make these excuses.  There is a huge problem with this, as it sets people up for failure as they try to make a big change.

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The Problem with New Year Goals

As I stated there is a huge problem with this mentality that is spread with the new year.  People try to make multiple changes about their habits all at once, as soon as the new year starts.  Its like they save up all the things they change, and try to leave it in the past year and start fresh.  The thing is nothing has changed mentally from the old year to the next. In fact its only the difference of one day.

What really happens is they give up quickly because they are too overwhelmed and they end up changing nothing.  You can’t just tell the body and the mind that you want to make a change at once and have it accept it and change instantly.  There are habits that you already have in place (usually bad ones). Your mind and body will revert to these poor habits when you are weak.  You end up trying to leave everything to your will power which fades as the day goes on.  Do you want to learn how to properly create a New Years resolution so its sticks? Read on.

The Solution for New Year Goals

You should be making only ONE SMALL CHANGE. . I repeat ONE SMALL CHANGE.  Let me give an example.  If you have never exercised before, start by walking 10 minutes a day. If you only eat french fries and all you drink is soda, start by cutting out the soda for water. Once that small thing becomes a habit, build on it.  From 10 minutes of walking to 15 minutes, then to 20, then 20 minutes and one day of weightlifting.

one small step new year goals

These smaller increases over the long term will get you there.  As you are doing this, work on chaning those habits mentally with visualization and affirmations.  Check out my post on that here.


Plenty of people struggle with this so do not feel defeated.  If you can handle this and set effective goals for the new year you will be far ahead of the crowd.
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