One topic that has been extremely fascinating to me is the ability to influence your subconscious mind. The theory is if you can change your subconscious mind then you can change your limiting beliefs, which will ultimately change your life.


Influence Your Subconscious Mind for Change Limiting Beliefs

Changing these things can lead to live a more exciting and awesome life. The life you have always dreamed of. I used to say affirmations over and over with very little long term success. It would give me some short term motivation but never changed much in terms of my mindset over the long term. Today I will give you all that I have learned from influencing my subconscious mind. These will be presented from the most effective to the least effective.

Facts About the Subconscious

Before we dive into techniques, let’s check out some general facts that are true of the subconscious mind. It cannot tell the difference if something is real or imagined. This is why you can have a dream and have it feel so real. You need your influential methods to feel real in order for your mind to think they are true.


Visualization for Change Limiting Beliefs

It is easily influenced with emotions, images and repetition.  When something is said over and over, with emotions behind it or pictures for proof, the mind will pick up on it easier. Think of a traumatic experience. You might have liked bears until you were 7. When you turned 7, a bear ate your ear off. From that scenario you have been emotionally scared and be terrified of bears. If you are emotionally affected you can change your beliefs really fast.



This is something that I have struggled with for years. I would see myself in the position I wanted to be, but I would lose focus. I would feel like nothing was really happening. That’s because I was not feeling anything in the moment. Here is the right way to do it:

  • 15 minutes every morning and night (whenever you can)
  • Think of exactly what you want -> Down to the details (sounds, sights, tastes)
  • Add as much feeling as possible -> (Happiness, Confidence, Excitement)

That last point is the most important of them all. MAKE SURE IT IS EMOTIONALIZED. If it is not emotionalized you will not change your mind. It’s that simple.

Incantations (Emotionalized Affirmations)

Incantations for Change Limiting Beliefs

This idea was received from Tony Robbins. Affirmations are good and all but are extremely weak when it comes to influencing your mind. Instead you must use Incantations. This is when you add all your heart and soul to the affirmations when you say them. I mean you really SCREAM them, put emotion in them, and feel the words as you say them. The point here is to make you highly emotional to affect those deep-seated beliefs and change them the way we want them to change.


Something that is affecting you always is your environment. It is constantly surrounding you, feeding you with ideas. Now this may not be as strong, as it tends to not always be emotional, but you must find a way to control this.

Thank God, we have access to the Internet. The Internet allows us to make an artificial environment. You must make your environment align with your goals and aspirations.

For example, if my goal was to become a body builder, I would have posters and pictures of the best body builders on my wall, change my phone background to Arnold, watch YouTube videos of body builders, listen to podcasts of health experts etc. You want to constantly surround yourself with this information as a slow form of changing your beliefs.


There you have it, years of me attempting to influence my subconscious mind given to you in this blog post and the YouTube video. Please let me know your thoughts! I would love to hear any success stories you may have from this. If you want more high value content like this definitely sign up on my mailing list and you will be notified of when I create content and suggest content from other influencers as well! Feel free to reach out with any tips or tricks you may have as well. Reach out and follow me on Twitter! Check out my GitHub for my open source projects! Take a look at my YouTube Channel where there are hundreds of videos on life tips.

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