If you are reading my posts, then chances are you are into self-improvement, or constantly finding ways to better yourself.  The cycle of self improvement is something I find myself trapped in – but in a good way. Today, I want to talk about how I ended up on this cycle, and what the effects of this cycle are.

History with the Cycle of Self Improvement


It all started when I was about 15/16.  I was overweight, getting bullied for being overweight.

fatkid cycle of self improvement

One day, I was at a shop rite with my mom, and came across and mens health magazine and was intrigued on how to lose this weight this way people would stop bullying me, and I would be able to fit in.

Fast forward a year or so later, I had lost 20 pounds, which got me excited and realized something, if I could change this, then I can change anything about me.

That is how the cycle of self improvement started.  Ever since then, I was introduced to books like Think and Grow Rich, and How to Win Friends and Influence People, which made me really fall in love with the topic.  These books along with others helped me believe that I could change anything about myself.  This belief had been something completely different than I had ever thought.

What is the Cycle of Self Improvement?

What is this cycle after all?

So since I started finding ways to improve, I became more and more conscious of my wanting to improve.  I started getting less and less enjoyment out of recreational activities like watching tv or playing video games and actually enjoyed reading these books, reading articles and trying new things to take myself to the next level.

seflimrpovement cycle of self improvement

Now the process was gradual and has been 7-8 years in the making, but now I am at the point where I really do not look forward to vacations and I am happiest at work.  I refer to cycle as this exactly – you become a different person when you are down this journey, and you may not like all the things other people like.  And Instead of hating what you do, you end up loving what you do and actually want to spend time doing it.


The cycle may keep you from wanting to take vacations or work breaks. The cycle may make you face your fears.

fear cycle of self improvement

It may make you learn tons about the intricacies and secrets of life that are not taught in school.  The cycle may make you enjoy life more fully, finding ways to be happier when others would be depressed.  The cycle may take you to your highest potential, helping billions of people around the world.


Are you ready to jump into the cycle?  If you have made the leap you may realize how addicting it can be!

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