I am impatient person, I want something as soon as I can possibly get it. If I do not have something I want right away, I usually do one thing. I will hustle and find a way to get it as soon as I possibly can. This is especially true when it comes to my goals.

impatient goals

I am still trying to figure out why I act like this, but as of now it is a weakness of mine.  There is a reason why plenty of the time, I am not where I want to be in the moment.

So I get impatient, but there is a reason why I am not at my end goal.  Today, lets learn about why you need to earn your goals and they cannot be just given to you!

Process Teaches You About The Destination

When you are striving for something that you do not have, it is usually outside of your comfort zone.  When something is not in your comfort zone, you have to work outside of your comfort zone to get that thing.

What happens is as you strive towards this goal you end up having to do things you never did before.  When you do things you never did before you will first end up trying to do it right.  Chances are you will probably do it wrong.  When you do it wrong, you must learn what you did wrong.  Taking the lessons from the failure, you learn, and then you adjust and improve. That process will keep repeating over and over until you actually do the thing correct.

learnfromyourmistakes goals

The process also teaches you what you must be doing day in and day out in order to get to the destination you have in mind.  You cannot just reap the rewards without sowing the actions that come along with the goals.  If you do not like the actions you must do day in and day out in order to get the goals then you do not deserve the destination.

Learning Is Not Enough

Usually to get a goal, you must repeat the action that you just learned over and over again, until the goal is yours.  That action that you just learned usually must turn into a habit. Reason being you must perform that habit repeatedly.

The process of achieving goals will build correct habits you need to have in order to keep the goals once you have worked so hard for them.  The reason why you need them to be habits is so they are in grained in you.  This way the second you achieve your goal you will not lose it right away.

If You Were Given the Goal Early

If you were given the goal early without going through these steps, one thing would happen. You would have the goal for a short period of time and then lose it.   I hope that if you are someone like me after I worked for months or years on something I would not lose it in the matter of seconds.

Think about really spoiled kids who get money handed to them for an example.  They learned to get money by asking for it from their parents or whoever was supporting them.  They definitely did not work hard for the money they used.  When they are given the money, they end up spending it all and trying to ask for more and more. Instead of spending the time to learn how they can make money from their own actions.

spoiled kids with money goals

Earn Your Goals!

Be grateful that the goal you have not achieved yet has not been given to you.  It is simply life’s way of testing you to make sure that you can handle the goal for the long term. It makes sure you can keep it once it is achieved.

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