After reading the book Thinking Fast and Slow, there has been one of the human biases that stuck out in my mind more than any of the others.  It is known as the Halo Effect: the tendency for an impression created in one area to influence opinion in another area (this was taken straight from Google).

Today I would like to discuss why this human bias is so powerful and how you can use it for yourself to get other people to like you easier.

Power Behind The Halo Effect:

The human mind likes to make associations in order to save time and be able to process things faster.  This is awesome for us humans because it allows us to process plenty of information fast but it also prevents us from making whole and bullet proof decisions sometimes due to a lack of data.

This is where the halo effect comes in.  Let’s say you hear something good about a restaurant you were thinking of trying.  For sake of example, you hear they make an awesome Chicken Parmigiana.


Looks delicious right? the halo effect of chicken parm

Because you heard this, you will be more likely to trust ordering any other dish there.

The halo effect steps in and makes you believe that because they are successful with Chicken Parmigiana, they probably have great pastas as well.  The problem here is that is not necessarily true; just because they can do well with one dish does not mean they are good with another dish.

Why is this important then? If you control your appearance, or your business’ appearance, so only good news is spread about it, you can get more people liking you based off one fact or get more sales with your business based off one good trait.

Now let’s explain some ways you can fuse this in your business/life to get more people to like you.

Take Care of Your Body

halo effect of being in shape

Taking care of your body consists of you getting enough sleep, vitamins and minerals from a healthy diet and regular exercise in order to be in good shape. Being in good shape will make you more attractive to other people.  When people see that you are in good shape and therefore more attractive the halo effect comes into play.  The subconscious mind of other people will believe you are good at other things simply because you were good at making your body look great.

Dress Well

This is very similar to the last one.  Take a good look at how your judge someone who is sporting a suit versus someone who is wearing a t-shirt and gym shorts.

halo effect of gym shortshalo effect of a suit

The feeling you get around the one in gym shorts a laid back non-professional vibe, sometimes maybe even thinking poorly of someone with these clothes.

When you are around someone in a suit you know they mean business.  This makes you feel like they know what they are talking about and are an authority figure.  When this happens you start to think “Hm, maybe they can help me with this other subject they know nothing about?”

As you can see, the belief you had about them in one area can work in another area.

Smiling and Positive Body Language


positive bl for halo effect

Having positive body language such as open arms, open legs and smiling can make you seem friendly and open.  When you seem friendly and open you seem that you are a nice person to be around.  When people think of nice people they are more likely to trust them and halo effect kicks in once again.  You start trusting this person a lot quicker than someone who did not have these things.


Now keep in mind the Halo Effect can work against you.  If you are associated with something negative people will be more likely to think you are negative in other areas as well.  Make sure to remove any chances of this happening with you or your business.


Thank you for making it to the end of this post.  I hope you are aware of the Halo Effect and how it can help or hurt you.  Make sure you use this powerful human bias to your advantage.

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