Why am I Writing This?

I spend a lot of time reading plenty of books and I have come up with a few ways that I use to remember what I read.  I am hoping that after reading this you will remember what you read.  After all what is the point of reading something if we do not retain that information and use at a later date to benefit your life?

    Take Action ASAP

    The absolute best way you can absorb knowledge and remember what you read is take what you just read and act on it.  There is nothing that will help building a memory than actually going out and doing the thing.

    For instance, I am currently reading the book Captivate: The Science of Succeeding with People, in this book it suggests different body language poses to try out. Right after I am done reading about them, I take a second to practice out the poses in the mirror.

    Doing that engrains the idea in my mind on a new level then it had been before by simply reading it.  The more times you can do this also strengthens the memory.

    Take Notes

    Taking notes that you can refer to later so you can review them is extremely important in remembering what you read.  There are many ways you can do this.  Here is the way I like doing it, as it does not slow down my reading too much.

    First, I read the book.  As I am reading, when I notice something that sticks out and I want to remember, I write a bracket over where that note should start and when it should end.  This allows me to quickly mark what I found important and move on.

    Second step to help you remember what you read, is to type/write out the notes.  I go through all my notes that I have bracketed out.  I open up a Google Suite Document associated with the book.  Then, I go through and type up all the notes that are bracketed out.  Then I can refer to it here.

    If you want to follow this method, I suggest you sign up for G Suite. This is an affiliate link but if you sign up you get 20% off the price on your first year! I use it to keep track of all my documents.

    The process described actually allows us to get multiple passes on the information. Which brings me to the last point.


    Nothing solidifies memory of something better than repetition, repetition! The more you can review the information the better you will remember what you read.

    There are many ways you can do this.  Reading the book again, listening to it, re-reading your notes, rewriting/retyping your notes, watching my videos and other supporting information.  All of these things imprint the information on your brain!

    Remember What You Read!

    This is all fine and dandy, but you need to take action.  I want you all to remember what you read and stop wasting your time by reading books that do not have an impact on your life.

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