So you may have heard of journaling or keeping a diary. You were probably thinking: “Wow, why would I do that, that sounds pretty lame. I definitely don’t need to do this.”. BEFORE YOU EXIT THIS PAGE: Hear me out, as it is a daily activity that has a multitude of benefits that I am sure you would like to take advantage of.

Writing in a Notebook

If you like becoming a better person and want to speed up your personal development growth, continuing reading. Today I will tell you how and why you should have one of these for your self-improvement process.

I call the process: Notebook Sessions. It is a term a friend and I made.


Benefits of Having a Journal


Here are some reasons why you should do Notebook Sessions!

Increased Mindfulness and Awareness


By writing about your successes and failures everyday, you now spend time focused on what you do daily. This allows you to tune in more to your thoughts and actions over time.

What normally happens is people allow their thoughts control them. But if you can catch your thoughts and realize them as they are happening, you can now change them. Which will lead to a better life.

By having this analysis power, you will be able to catch yourself making the mistakes in real time, by bringing more attention to them everyday.


Help Staying on Track with Your Goals


As a side effect of the increased mindfulness, you will be more on track with your goals. You will see the actions you are taking daily (and if they are the right actions). The daily actions will eventually lead up to your goal if you stay on course.

Unfortunately we tend to revert back to our old habits from time to time. When this happens sometimes we go off the deep end and continue to make bad habits. Before we realize it, our deadline is here and we are not at our goal. This is why we analyze what we do daily, if we see the mistakes we are making then we can easily start to adjust and get back on track ASAP.

Helps With Processing Emotions

Have you ever had your emotions get the best of you? Plenty of times when are taken over with emotions, the problem lies all in our head and we cannot think clearly. Writing out exactly how you feel in the moment, not only calms you down, but will also get you looking at your emotions from a third party’s perspective. The third parties perspective allows you to analyze it logically and give you a good step to handling the emotion and ultimately the situation.

Enough about why we should do this. With benefits as great as this let us see how we can get things improving!

How to Keep a Journal

So how do you do your own Notebook Session? Here are the simple steps:

  1. Buy a Notebook and Pen
  2. Open it up
  3. Set a timer for 5 minutes (it is optional if you want it to be quick)
  4. Write about whatever the Hell you want

The best part about this is you can talk about whatever you want with yourself. It could be your goals, a relationship problem you may be having or even how hot that girl or guy was that you saw on the street. It does not really matter, its just time you set aside with yourself to see how you feel in the moment.



Thank you for reading! I hope this helps you overcome any emotional problems you might have had before this!

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We getting nice information through this blog. It’s Greate and Very Helpful. Thanks again and keep up the great work!

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