Have you ever set a goal and worked hard for it but have not seen the results you wanted as fast as you wanted?  This tends to happen to me pretty regularly.  I have an idea as to why this happens to us, and how if you stick the source you will reach your goals.  It is only a matter of time Keep reading to find out why.

High Expectations from Yourself

When starting out with a brand new goal, you may have high expectations and set your goal too high.  (Go, ahead, queue all the complaints about how Antonio tells me to set my goals high.) I know, I know I tell you to do this, but it is important to make sure you set your goal at a doable level.

For example you may know nothing about programming but you want to program the next big social media site.  You know little to nothing about how to do it.  So you set a goal for yourself, In three months I will have a social media site with 100 users. Now, I, being a software engineer and knowing how hard it can be to learn certain topics (especially as a beginner), the chances of this happening are extremely slim (It is definitely possible cause everything is possible but only in extreme circumstances).

matter of time programmer

This tends to happen to a lack of knowledge on the subject. Heck it took me with a Computer Engineering Degree and 1 year of programming experience, to transition to another field in programming and get a job. Crazy things can happen when you have all the right circumstances happen but the thing is we tend to be optimistic in planning. Be aware of this when setting goals.

High Expectations from Others

With social media being so prevalent these days, you tend to see images of perfect people all the time, or only a certain side of people (usually their best side).  The problem is when you meet them in real life, they tend to be different.  Alright so where am I going with this?

matter of time arnoldmatter of time female

Let’s say your goal was to look like Arnold or some other famous bodybuilder.  You follow people like this on Instagram and see how many people have it.  This may lead you to think that it is so much easier to get there than it is.  This makes the successes they have seem almost overnight.  THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A SUSTAINABLE OVERNIGHT SUCCESS.  It comes through the years of dedication day in and day out.  that prepares them to take advantage of opportunities as they come.  These people will influence your idea of how long it will take to get there.

Solution – Its Only A Matter of Time

So by now you are probably like, Antonio just tell me what to do!

In the beginning you will always struggle.  You are going to suck and maybe take sometime to truly understand what you are trying to do.  You will likely not see many results from the first 500 or so hours of working on it.  Getting to the level of expertise of the people you may be comparing yourself to probably took them thousands and thousands of hours of practice and thats where the solution lies.

matter of time struggle

As you work towards these things you will learn how long it can actually take for you to get to a goal you set, all while learning about the subject and the best ways to get something done.  You will suck, you will fail.  You will progress and you will succeed.  It may take longer than you expect but as you learn you will become more and more efficient ad you will reach your ultimate goal.  Stay the Course.


It is only a matter of time! You will get there, focus on the process and learning that will happen and less on the wend result.  You may miss some high deadlines, but stick to it you’ll get there. I believe in you!
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