You have definitely heard of the term work life balance before.  It is being talked about everywhere as how you should live your life, and if you are not living life with a work life balance than you are wrong.

balance work life balance

Basically it is you saying you get eight hours of work, eight hours of sleep, and eight hours of leisure time.  It does not necessarily have to be those exact hours, but something similar to them.  Well, while this may seem great on paper, this not a formula that most people should try and emulate.

Who Work Life Balance is For

If you are someone that wants to be average then this is for you.  Your dream in life is to become the definition of average joe.

averagejoe work life balance

Are you someone who does not want to move ahead from the current position? Then this is for you.  If you are someone who has not a single hobby, or skill you desire to learn then this is for you.

What you would do is spend the eight hours working a job that will pay for your bills. Then come home, spend eight hours time with friends or waste it on social media and TV. Then eight hours of sleep.

hatejob work life balance

This is for the unambitious people, those that do not like their jobs. These people also do not care enough to try and break free from their struggle.  This allows you to spend as much time you can having fun and not a lot of time at work.

Who Work Life Balance is NOT for

If you are someone who wants to be a leader in your field, then not following a work life balance is for you. Are you someone who wants to move ahead in their career? Then I suggest, you make your own.  If you are someone trying to start that business alone or with little support, work life balance will be extremely tough to have.  If you are someone who wants to learn new things and improve their skillset then you will have to give up some down time.

ambitious work life balance

You probably still have to work at least eight hours at your job, but instead of spending all eight hours you have free on leisure, you try and spend it doing things you want to do but things that can help you get to the next level in life.

Whether thats going to the gym, starting a side business, learning new skills for your job, reading books on your field or self-help books.  This is for the ambitious people, the people that are not satisfied with where they are.  And almost will never be satisfied. So they spend their free time trying to become better.

Which will you chose?

Will you chose to be like everyone else and follow the Work Life Balance? OR are you ambitious and dare to go against Society’s standards? You have the decision ahead of you.  Perhaps you have already made the decision.  If so I hope you chose to not follow it! Hey, ultimately it is up to you and how you want to be remembered in life.

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