When I tell people that I spent 20 dollars on a book and they look at me crazy. I tend to have a problem with the fact that they look at me crazy.  And it is not because they thinkI am crazy,  because I am crazy.  It is more because of the thought process of WHY they think I am crazy for buying books.

lookingatmecrazy buying books

Here is a short post/rant as to why spending any money on a book (one that you can learn from) is not a waste of your money, in fact it is the best use of your money. You should in fact do way more of this.  You will be better off if you spend your money buying books.

Improving Yourself

There are so many books out there on tons of subjects.  I am not talking

about all books here.  I am simply talking about the ones in which you can learn a good lesson from. Non-fiction books where you can learn stuff from are the best kinds of books (think self-help, communication, business etc.).

Reading these kinds of books, do a couple of things for you.  First, they help you learn from things that other people have tried and failed and now know what actually works. It also helps you spawn new thoughts in your mind that are related to the book at hand.  It can help you find ways in your daily routine that you may be able to apply certain principles and making you aware of things that may be going on in your life that you do not even know existed until now.

For example, once I learned about visualization, I started thinking, how can I use this in my life for my benefit?  When I started using it, my life overall became so much better.  I was seeing where I wanted to go and created my own reality. improving yourself buying books I started improving more and more.  My quality of life became so much better.  All from a 7 dollar investment of think and grow rich. Worth it? I think so.

The Truth

shots buying books

The fact of the matter is you are spending money on tons of useless stuff.  Like the round of shots you bought your friends at the bar on Saturday, or that expensive date you went on last week. Those things may give you quick short term benefits of eating good food and a quick buzz, but over the long term they do nothing but harm to you.  You now have less money, probably did not eat the healthiest of meals and most likely that was not the only drink you had.

Books on the other hand have a wonderful affect on you. They only benefit you over the long term, if you learn to implement their practices and take action.  There are so many areas of your life that you probably want to improve in, but simply do not have the time to work on.  Reading books in these subjects would be so much more helpful.

Go Buy Books!

So next time you think you can complain about buying a book, do not think twice about doing that.  Please buy the book and cut the money you would have spent somewhere else.  It will benefit you greatly over the long term. Check out my Amazon Influencer page for a list of my recommended products and books.

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