So here is something that maybe be surprising to you… I used to be highly insecure.  I used to be over weight, feel like I was not worth anyones time, I was even afraid to talk to new people.  This comes down being someone who overcomes their insecurities.

insecure overcoming your insecuritiesNow at the time I am writing this, I have come a long way with plenty more to go.  But how did I overcome plenty of the insecurities that I had to face in order to get where I am today?  Here is a short guide on how you spend time overcoming your insecurities.

How Insecurities are Formed

Your insecurities are usually formed from a multitude of things.  This can be through your childhood, your upbringing, learned lessons and experiences.  There were things that your parents, family members and friends did that caused you to think or act in a certain way.  And the sad part is those events are still affecting you negatively to this day!

childhood overcoming your insecurities

For example, if you saw a dog bite a little girls ear when you were 7 years old, you may come to believe through experience that dogs are evil and all dogs bite. When you see a dog, you might freak out about it trying to eat you and run away.  But the truth is, most people love dogs, they are safe and most dogs do not bite you.  It is your fear of the dog that is causing your more pain than anything else.  That is how the insecurity of dogs are evil is formed.  It is a similar process for any insecurity you may be facing.

Mental Awareness

The first step is realizing that something is actually an insecurity.  In the beginning this will be extremely tough.  You will think, this is the way the world is or that this is the way you were made.  That is not true by any means, you are the way you are because of what you have learned from those past experiences.

The way you can become better at this, is to ask yourself some tough questions. For example, I personally am not a fan about traveling.  I always thought – this is the way that I am and there is nothing I can do to change it. Then I started asking myself, why do I not like traveling? There must be something that has caused me to feel this way about something that other people love to do.

traveling overcoming your insecurities

If I never had that mental awareness to realize this may be an insecurity and I should work on it then I would have never asked myself those questions.  I realized that I did not like traveling because I liked having a schedule and doing things that I have planned out.  I also really enjoy spending time with my friends here.

Next, I asked myself – why do I like that? It is because when I was younger my parents would force me to go on trips with them to Italy, where I spend half of my summers not with my friends but with my family in Italy.  And as a little boy, I wanted to spend time with my friends more than anything.  If I had not had the mental awareness to ask my self questions about why I did not like something then I would not have realized that my fear is majorly fake.

Mental Rehearsal

Now the next step to overcoming your insecurities, is to experience what it is like to be doing them even when you do not want to.  A simple way to do this is through mental rehearsal.  This is another form of visualization where you see exactly it is that you are doing and feel like you are really there.

visualizing overcoming your insecurities

The mind cannot tell what is imagined and what is real.  So If you train your mind to see and feel yourself feeling great about doing something you might have had insecurities about, you will now feel much better about it, there is one more step to overcoming these.  It will take practice and doing this a ton will help greatly with overcoming the insecurity, without having to do anything physically.

Physically Overcoming Your Insecurities

The last step is to actually do the thing you are a afraid of.  The mind rehearsal can only take you so far (it helps a large amount) but physically doing the thing will really make you overcome the thing you fear.  There is nothing that is more real than actually feeling the fear and doing it anyway.

comfort zone overcoming your insecurities

After the mental programming you dive in and do the thing, once you come out of the other side ok, you will have no problem doing it again and again.  Gradually the insecurity will fully go away, and in its place will be confidence and courage for facing it and beating it


Hearing about overcoming your insecurities here may make you want to start.  But ultimately it is up to you to keep pushing and fully kick out these insecurities.  Do not sit back.  Attack them with all that you have!

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