No one wants to ever be alone.  Most people these days are always locked into their devices.  They are either looking at their phone, a computer screen, or tv.  And then when they are not, they are usually spending time with other people – hanging out with friends, family members or at work. Sometimes they even mix both (being with people and on their devices!).

I am guilty of this from time to time and I know plenty of other people are too.  Today I want to talk about why you should be spending time alone, away from other people and from your devices.  Just “me, myself and I”.


Why Be Alone?

The fact is that most people do not want to be alone at all.  They are avoiding being alone because they do not want to face their inner thoughts that they have, so they would rather distract themselves from it by looking at things on line so they do not have to face them.  Them not wanting to be alone is a fear they may have and not even recognize it as one because it is subconscious.

The fact is that the key to your personal growth usually is hidden deep within these thoughts! Your mind will bring up something you are afraid of or something you know you should be getting done, but you chose not to get it done.

So when you start spending time alone you will realize plenty of these thoughts you are having, they are trying to remind you of something or they may hold a key to getting to the next level of personal growth.

It also separates who you truly are from what other people think of you and how that affects what you think.  When you are constantly around other people, some of your thoughts become their thoughts.  You must be willing to take thoughts from your mind and not from others, to understand how you truly think and act.

How to be Alone?

Now you may be trying to argue that you are already alone by just being the only person in the room (when you are in your room on your devices), but that is not true, you must be the person the only person with no distractions and have the ability to see your thoughts.

Here are a couple of techniques I use to be alone and reconnect with my true self in the midst of the day to day:


This is when I spend 5 minutes in the morning or later in the day to talk about what I am feeling and how I can improve my current situation.  You must write out exactly what you are thinking and feeling here to get the benefit.  This helps you become more aware of your thoughts and helps you to notice patterns when they exist.  If you want more information on how to do this, check out my post here.


When you are visualizing it is just you and your thoughts.  You are trying to direct your thoughts to think about the things you want in life, but what will happen is other thoughts will creep in, when you notice they are there, let them go and get back to your thoughts, but notice them.  Here is a post that goes more in depth on visualizing.


This is the same things as visualizing as you are alone with your thoughts and you are trying to direct your focus in one way. Notice them and let them go.  After a while you will notice a pattern of thoughts and take action based on them.

Tech Fasts

This when I fast from using tech for an hour or so, it is a way of detaching from what other people try and throw at me.

Spend Some Time Alone!

So I hope after reading this you realize the benefit of actually spending time alone and not taking other peoples thoughts as yours.  You will learn new things about who you are and what you like, which if you follow will ultimately make your life better!

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