Today I am going to be starting a brand new series! Once a month I will pull out 5 of my favorite rules for overcoming obstacles and controlling your emotions in your life from a popular figure. We are going to start with one of my absolute favorites – Will Smith.

He is an actor, a rapper and just an overall wonderful person to learn from.  This was hard to cut it down to 5. He has said so many great things. I might have to talk about more of them in the future (let me know down-low if you want me to talk more about him). Without further a due, lets take a look at his major keys for overcoming obstacles.

Decide on a Choice

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There is a redemptive power that we get from making a choice.  When you are making the choice it is up to you.  When the decision is made by someone else you end up giving your control to something else.

Make a choice, right just decide.  From there the universe will get out your way. The second you decide to make a decision, you can start working towards doing everything you need to improve that decision.  You spend time making sure that decision works and gets you to your goal.  The universe will move out of your way if you keep showing up and letting it know you are not messing around.

When you decide to do something its true, it will make you feel like you have the power.  Having that feeling that you have the power, not something else is everything you need in order to change the way you feel.

When you feel like a decision was done onto you – you will feel  hopeless and lost.  Like there is nothing you can do but fight against it.  That will affect you in a negative way! But when you embrace a decision, and go all out, what happens is you feel in control.

So, follow some of Will Smith’s advice.  Make a decision on what you are going to do and stick with it.  It will empower you! Since we are talking about feelings and emotions here this can help you greatly on your path to success!

Motivation from Fear

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He is motivated by fear and he hates feeling scared to do something. I do not know about you, but I do not like the feeling fear gives me as well.  It makes me feel like I am out of control and someone or something else has too much power over me.

Because he hated fear so much, it caused him to start to attack things that he was afraid of.  When Will Smith attacks his fears what do you think happens? He starts to feel in control again.  When he feels in control, he can think logically which will help you overcome obstacles.

Again, when you feel like something is in your control, you won’t feel helpless or powerless. Instead you will feel happy once you have faced the fear and mastered it. Now you are fearless from it.  When you are fearless you will be less likely to let something else control your life.  Which can add many benefits!

Stay Positive

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“Fighting yourself to maintain positivity is the hardest fight you are ever gonna have.” 

 Will Smith

In my opinion (solely based on experience) – people are walking around most of the time being negative about something in their lives.  Heck even I am sometimes negative.  And the thing is I do not blame them for being negative.  With all the negativity surrounding you, it can be nearly impossible for you to be a positive person.

That is why the fight to maintain and stay positive is a struggle for everyone involved. With negativity being the norm, it is easy to default to that at any point in time. You must protect yourself from the dangers of the negativity by using what Will Smith calls Offensive Positivity.

This is where he fought back with positivity and stuck to who he wanted to be rather than caving to what other people wanted him to do.  He constantly surrounded himself with positive things and forced himself to only listen to himself, not others and their opinions.

Deal with Rejection

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Rejection is everywhere – this is unbelievably, true – in family, jobs, relationships, it can be everywhere.  A family member may reject your idea of wanting to leave your job and start a business.  Your significant other may reject you and end your relationship.  You can be applying to tons of jobs and only receive rejections.

Will Smith says its relative.  No matter what, rejection sucks but based on your situation it can be really bad or it can be better.  To one person, rejection from their family can barely mean anything, but to another it can be their entire world.

If rejection is something that is inevitable, then why don’t you find a way to deal with it?  It will always come around (if you have not faced rejection before please comment below because I would love to hear how this is possible.)

This can only make you better and prevent you from being down for a long period of time.  This way when it inevitably shows up you are prepared for it and can overcome it easier!

Be True and Authentic!

Watch the clip here

Will Smith is being authentic in this clip.  He tells you that before as an actor keeping your distance is how one would gain power. Things have changed.

Now its shifting to people want to know more through daily interaction.  They want to be friends or family with you.  So you must give them your that type of interaction.

Makes you reveal what is true, it causes you to eye yourself and less like someone else.  When you are fake and acting like someone you are not, you do not feel good.  It does not feel good to be someone you are not, because you constantly have to act in spite of not actually feeling a certain way.

Follow Will Smith

These were some of the best rules I could find on Will Smith.  My challenge for you is to attempt to pick one of them and actually implement it in your life.  It completely depends on your situation and what you are looking to fight/improve.  

Maybe its fear, maybe it being authentic.  Whatever it is, let me know in the comments below!

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