Look, it sucks to not feel confident.  No one, and I mean no one, wants to walk around all day feeling like a loser, like they are incapable of doing their job, or incapable of achieving their goals.

Being confident in your abilities is extremely crucial for anyone to be successful in any calling.  If you are not confident, you will be less likely to be someone who is great, who takes good risks and challenges. You will be less attractive to other people and no one likes hanging around someone who is not confident.

loser feel confidentIf you want me to do a post on the benefits of becoming someone who is confident or the negative affects of someone who is not confident, then let me know in the comment section below and I can make a post just for you!

Today let’s discuss five ways that you can feel confident right now!

1. Change Your Body Language

We know that people make tons of judgements off of your body language and how you present yourself. This makes complete sense, people see us and need to make quick judgements so they do it off of body language.  But, what about the body language you have and how it affects your internal state?

It turns out, that your body language affects how you feel about yourself.  So, we want to change our body language in order to increase our feeling of confidence.  We must do what are called “Power Poses”.  Power poses are body language things you do that expand your body, take up more space and show that you are open.

power pose feel confidentFrom a study I will link to at the end of the section, they tested the affects of the body language changes on testosterone and cortisol level in the body. When people did just 2 minutes of a power pose they noticed something extraordinary: Testosterone levels increased by 20% and cortisol decreased by 25% percent!!! All from two minutes of sitting or standing differently.

They also tested the opposite: when people did weak poses where they closed themselves off and made themselves appear smaller for two minutes.  The results here were also shocking: there was a 10% decrease in testosterone and a 15% increase in cortisol.  If you sum it up, thats a 30% testosterone swing and a 40% cortisol difference all made in the matter of two minutes.

You can make that change right now.  It is so easy! If you want to see the full results of what body language can do I suggest you check out this TED Talk by Amy Cuddy.

2. Complete a Small Challenge

There are tons of times when I do not feel confident.  It is usually because I feel like I am worthless. That worthlessness usually comes from not producing or creating anything.  When I am not producing, I am just consuming (this means doing things like watching Netflix or playing video games). If I am just consuming then I am not adding any value into the world.

The solution then is obvious: You must produce! How do you produce? Do something small, right now.  It does not have to be big, it can just be one small thing.  It needs to get you started.

do something small feel confidentWhen you feel worthless and not confident, it can be hard to want to get started getting something done.  This is because we do not believe we can get it done.  So by getting something small done, it gives us a quick confidence hit.

That confidence hit we received from doing something small, will propel us to do something else, which will in hand increase our feeling of confidence. Its now a cycle of getting something done and then our confidence going to the next level. So, get started with that one small thing you can do right now!

3. Do Something Out of Your Comfort Zone

I was once told that the only way to build confidence is through courage.  I truly believe that building confidence through courage is one key way to feel more confident everyday.

We all have fears! Your fears can make you feel like you are not confident because they hold some sort of control over you.  They limit your thinking and your therefore limit the actions you were planning on taking.

The solution here is to remove the fear.  But, Antonio how do we do that!?  We must go out of our comfort zones.  That is where we face our fears. Go ahead and do something that you are not used to doing, or something that makes you nervous.

attack fears feel confidentSomeone I follow to increase my levels of confidence is David at How to Beast.  He created a confidence course that you should check out if you want help with this! Side note: If you do something out of your comfort zone, record it, upload it to Instagram, and tag me: @a.cucciniello with the hashtag #comfortzonechallenge.  I will feature you on my Instagram story!

Maybe your fear is going to talk to that girl or guy you like and asking for their number. Or your fear may be of heights so you are afraid to go on roller coasters.  There is nothing that you can do to get you fired up and feel confident more than facing your fears head on.

4. Upgrade Your Style

This is a quick one, all it takes is a trip to the store, barber shop or hair salon. One side note: it does involve you spending some money so if you do not want to spend any, avoid this one.

Going back to body language and how it affects your confidence, you should see how your clothes and outward appearance is an extension of that.  When you upgrade your style, you will look better.  If you look better you feel confident.  When you feel more confident you can go out and attack your day.

Go out and buy a new pair of fresh shoes or a new dress. Get something that when you put it on, you automatically feel more confident because you know you look just fantastic in it. Go out and get a new haircut so you know you look great.

upgrade style feel confidentThese subtle things can make you feel like a brand new person and can make you seem more confident to other people who see you!  That confidence will spill over to other areas of your life and make your day tons better!

5. Make Eye Contact with Other People

This one is lesser known, but it is similar to body language.  When you are walking around people there is something that happens on a subconscious level that most people are not aware of.

When you walk by someone else and make eye contact, someone comes out as the person with more status.  Its the person who looks away first that becomes the person with the lower status.

eye contact feel confidentLower status is associated with negative things like low levels of confidence.  On a subconscious level every time you are the first person to look away when walking by someone else, you are saying to yourself and the other person that you are of low confidence.

Go out and practice this.  Every day and every time you walk by someone be the last person to look away, its subtle but you will feel more confident with each interaction.

Feel Confident Right NOW

All of these methods given take minutes to change a habit, but they can pay off with days of feeling confident.  In my opinion there, is no price you can put on confidence.  Being confident is something that makes everything better and feeling great is priceless.

So what are you waiting for? Go out and try these things.  I have personally tried them myself and want you to feel confident right now.  Don’t wait. Go do them and let me know how they worked for you.

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