….Well, are you? Are you doing everything you can?

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I have talked about the importance of self analysis.  Usually one of the outcomes from this, is finding areas in which I can improve, or areas in which I did not even explore.  Today I want to talk about somethings that you can do to make sure you are doing everything you can to attack your goal no matter what it is and get there even faster.

Time Leaks

First thing, would be to check to see what kind of effort you are putting in timing wise. Meaning, how much time am I spending on working towards my goal?   I want you to take into account every hour you spend during the day and see how much of that time you are spending on the goal you wish to achieve.

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One thing that will help, is to understand how much time you think you must allocate to this goal in order to actually get there.  If you are not hitting that time you could be spending, then you now know that you are not doing everything you can to get to your goal.  You must increase the time that is spent in order to match that which is necessary.

Here is an example so you could understand this a little better. Eric wants to build a an Amazon business where he sells items from his house that he no longer uses. He analyzes his time and realizes that he realistically only spends about 30 minutes a night on the business.  Does he think that is enough?

When he checks to see what other Amazon business owners are doing, he notices that they are spending at least two hours every single day working on growing their respective businesses.  Realizing he is not doing everything he can, he sets aside two hours a night to work on it.

Quality Leaks

Now that you know how much time you are spending towards your goal; you can focus on the quality of that time.  There are couple of questions I would ask myself here to make sure that I am fully using the time I have allotted.  Am I fully focused during that time period? Do I have distractions that interrupt me? 

You must be honest with yourself in order to realize if you are truly maximizing every second you are putting in.  There is no reason to have your cellphone next to you while you are doing work to distract you unless you need it to get some work done (chances here are slim so chose wisely).

Lets see how Eric reacts when checking out his Quality Leaks.  Eric thinks back on the times where he has spent to focus on his Amazon business.  He remembers that he usually has his phone right next to him on loud, which tends to distract him.  Also he has been working with the door open which allow his kids screaming downstairs to distract him.  Knowing this, he now closes the door to reduce the sound and places his phone in another room.

    Method Leaks

    Now that you are making sure that you are fully focused for longer time periods, you can make sure that what you are doing in the moment, is actually the best use of your time.  What do I mean by this? Analyze and determine if the actual methods you are doing are the absolute fastest and best way to take you to your goal.

    Focusing doing everything you can

    Now this will take some work on your part.  It involves spending time constantly educating and learning.  Are you watching the YouTube Channels that post information about your business? Did you spend time listening to the thought leaders in your fields podcasts? You must be spending at least a portion of your time educating and keeping up with the best way to do this. Find out the most efficient ways and start to do them.

    Eric, just read this last section and here is how he reacted.  He read one of the top Amazon blogger’s latest posts about SEO with your products.  He realized that he was posting products on Amazon without any backend keyword research.  If he did the backend keyword research then he might have had some of his products rank higher.  When the products rank higher more people see them and then he would be able to have a better chance to buy them.

    Doing Everything You Can Today

    Now you know how to find out what you are missing, go out and do it.  Figure out how much time you are spending, the quality of the time and the quality of the methods you are implementing and make sure that they are the best that that they can be.

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