Have you ever heard of the saying when referring to bad situations : “When it rains it pours” ?  If you have then this blog post is for you.

Things can go well for a while.  Then one small bad thing happens, another small bad thing, then a really bad thing.  Eventually you are swamped with what seems to be only really bad situations. They all seem to come at once.

I am writing this for you – so leave a comment down low if this helped or if it was really terrible and I could do better!

rain situations


What Usually Happens

When you go from an awesome situation to a bad situation, there are a couple of things that usually happens. First you might be ok with one or two bad things that are not that big.  You can handle those small amount because so much is going well.

Eventually the bad things start piling up and you feel like you have lost all hope and just wish times were as good as they were seemingly not too long ago. This can destroy your confidence, your hope and faith in living a good life Don’t worry! I won’t let you feel this way in what can be a negative time. Understand that I am here to help you grow from the positives and negatives of life, grow with the flow! There are some things we can do to spin the negative situations to make them awesome ones

Accept What Happened

First off, one thing that causes tons of problems, is the fact that you might not accept your current situation.  You say: “How can something like this happen to me.” . That is not what you should be saying in the moment. Saying that makes you feel hopeless, like you cannot do anything.

While wanting to fight the problem is good, what usually happens is not accepting the problem causes you to be frustrated and make you think things are out of your control. In order to change that, I want to you to immediately accept the situation as is.  “This is what happened and I need to find a way to better my situation.”

acceptance situationsOnce you can accept the situation then you can stop giving up your control over your situation and start attacking the problem logically.

Stop Playing the Blame Game

This is similar to the last point, but it is worth its own explanation. Plenty of the negative situations you will find yourself will involve other people or other things. 99% of people, immediately start pointing their fingers at another person or thing involved – “Its your fault!!”

Blaming other people or things gets us no where. Instead of doing that, do the opposite. Find out where you might have made a mistake or misjudgment. Use this opportunity to correct yourself and improve your character. Apologize for what you have done, and accept that part of it is your fault. This will shed light on what you can do to prevent similar situations from happening in the future.

Find The Lessons Learned

Once you have accepted the situation and removed the blame, the next thing to do is, keep an optimistic view point and look for what you can learn from a situation like this one. As I have stated, every situation is partially your fault. So, if something negative happened, you might have .0000001% responsibly.

lessons situations

If you can find the cause of what you did then you will be farther ahead as a person. Now you know not to do that again and you can make your future better by preventing to make that mistake again

Look for the Good in Situations

Once you have learned your lessons, the next and final step would be to look for the good you can find in a situation. You must stay positive.  Its easy to get negative when negative things are happening.  Staying positive comes to down to a few things. As you stay positive it helps you find the lessons in the situations and find opportunities where most people would spend time complaining.

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