The past couple of nights, I have really struggled with falling asleep and staying asleep. I would go to bed a little later, I would wake up early and I would wake up multiple times in the night.


Deep down, I felt like something was wrong. I could not pinpoint it to one thing, but I knew something was up. That led me to dive in try and understand what I was feeling and why.

Today let’s discuss why you need to control your emotions in order to spend more time sleeping and live a happier, more rested life.

Effects of Sleep 

First lets discuss what having a good night of sleep can do for you and how a lack of sleep can affect you negatively.

Reduce Stress


When you do not get enough sleep, your stress levels are so much higher in the body. If your stress hormones are higher then you will be more likely to feel stressed in any activity you are doing. When you get a full night of sleep you will be less stressed, meaning it is less likely for a random scenario to come in a make you feel terribly stressed.

Now, if you lost sleep the night before, smaller stressful situations can feel more stressful. Meaning you are more likely to explode from a couple of smaller less stressful situations. This can cause you to struggle with your focus throughout the day as well.

Its important to reduce those levels of stress as these kinds of situations can truly affect your day and emotional state.

Helps you Physically


When you sleep, your body is repairing itself from all the damage it had taken yesterday. The rest helps with fighting disease, repairing muscle (if you work out), storing memories, reducing your blood pressure, and maintain a healthy weight and much, much more.

So, if you are in pain from an injury, then you need sleep to recover.  Since we use external situations often to affect the way we feel on the inside, how we feel physically often is an important and a key indicator to how we feel on the inside.

If you get enough sleep you will physically feel better which could help improve your mood.  The opposite can also happen. When you lose out on sleep, you will not feel better physically, so you might still be in pain.  If you are in pain then you will be less likely to be in a good mental mood because your external situation is not good!

Gives Emotions Meaning

After a long night of sleep – you are pretty good at processing your emotions. You feel sad when a sad situation comes in your life, and you are happy when an awesome situation occurs.  Everything is in check.

The same cannot be said for those that missed out on sleep the night before. A study found that when you lose out on sleep you actually tend to lose the ability to process emotions. What happens here is that something that normally should not cause a terrible emotional reaction might cause one when you are lacking sleep. When your processing of emotions is all messed up then you will struggle to find a proper way to handle regular scenarios that happen to you.

Get Better Sleep

By now, I hope you realize just how important having a good night of sleep is in your life. You must make it a habit.  What if your emotions are keeping you up? Let’s cover some things you can do to get better sleep and put your emotions aside.

Notebook Session Before Bed

I have talked about notebook sessions multiple times.  If you want to learn more about it. You can get a FREE copy of my ebook when you sign up on my mailing list. Basically it balls down to writing your thoughts down on paper.


What you should be doing here is similar to talking to yourself as a third person.  Write out what you are feeling and pretend you are someone else who is trying to understand it logically and give advice.

Often when you do this you can help remove the emotional aspect of your decision making because you are looking at it from a bystander’s perspective. If you think logically, often you can find out what action you must take to resolve the effects of the emotion

Meditate Before Bed

Meditation is one of the top things you can do to reduce stress and anxiety. If you can relax your mind that is struggling to sleep because it is worried to an extent, then you will be more likely to get put the emotion aside and fall asleep. It is very simple to do: Focus on one thing for a long period of time (like 10 minutes). I tend to focus on my breath as it is simple and allows me to do this anywhere!  

Do Some Intense Exercises During the Day

If you do exercise during the day, you body will be tired. When you push yourself physically you will find it easier to fall asleep as you body is BEGGING for the rest to repair.

Also being able to push through a hard work out helps you take control of your mind. When you build the skill of taking control of your mind, you can push through pain easier! This makes you mentally stronger – which will help you process your emotions in the long run as well.

Take a Cold Shower


This can be done before bed or during the day. When you take a cold shower you reduce your body temperature which is good for sleep. On top of that cold showers are proven to help with emotional resilience – that helps you push in the face of negative emotions and helps how you deal with stress.


Not literally! But use these principles today to get better sleep! You can do things like working out, taking a cold shower, mediation and notebook sessioning (yes I just used it as a verb) in order to get clarity with your emotions and understand what is happening, all while improving your ability to deal with them.

Go get some sleep tonight!

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