Often when thinking about success, we think of the rigid work that is involved.  The amount of hours we need to put in order to get where we want to go.  We think of how difficult it can be to work even when you do not want to in order to achieve success.  We see this as a rigid process.  It is a rigid process but sometimes that process involves tons of flexibility.  Lets discuss when it is a good time to have some flexibility and times when it is not.flexibility

When Flexibility is Great

So, the plan you made for how you were going to get to your goal, may not fully work in the beginning.  You may think that what you are setting out to do only involves a couple of things. After trying and failing you may learn that it actually involves plenty more than that and different things that you may have never thought of before.

For example, my YouTube channel started where I was recording at least one video a day, with no editing. I did that for almost a year, and was getting very few subscribers.  Now after working on making my videos better but doing less, I have increased my subscriber base and raised my views.

Where the flexibility was needed: I needed to be flexible in my plan.  I had to change it given analysis of where I was at compared to where I wanted to be.  Another time flexibility is needed in the day to day. Normally, things will come up and you need to be flexible to handle them.

You must still take the tasks you need to get done as important things to get done.  You may need to move them around, or do them in a different spot, or handle them in a different way, based off the news you get or the events of the day,

For example, if your plan was to go for a run every day outside, but it is currently pouring rain. You do not have a gym membership.  You must find your way to a treadmill or indoor facility where you can get the running done.  The method in which you took to get to the end result was different but the end result was the same.  An awesome but challenging run.

When You Should Not Be Flexible


You should not have flexibility when it involves anything pertaining to your end goal.  If it is something you truly care about, never change it to be something that someone else wants or something you don’t truly desire.

In the end you will only be hurting yourself and depriving yourself of what you really want.  People who go get jobs because it is what their parents ask of them are being too flexible.  They are changing and doing what they want to do based on their parents’s thoughts.  Never sacrifice your dreams. Do not be flexible on that,

Where can you add flexibility?


Think of where you can be more flexible in your goal achieving process and add it today!

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