I hear plenty of productivity tips being thrown around left and right as a sure fire way to get stuff done at all times.  These things can be of great help to us at certain points. What happens when we want to get work done when we are emotional?

Let’s think back to a time where you watched a motivational video and then got some work done.  You might have been inspired by the motivational video to take some action on that goal that you have been looking to achieve for a long time.

There may have been other times where you did not watch the video and you said to yourself: “I don’t want to get work done today.”  That means there is an emotional component to it. Let’s discuss things that you can do to help yourself emotionally. These will get you in the right mindset to get work done!

Writing Your Thoughts Out – Notebook Sessions

If we are being bothered by something emotionally we will have a difficult time focusing on our work! One thing that you could do right now is write out exactly how you feel. Here you write about the feelings as well as next steps to improve the situation.

Writing it Out

Let us take an example.  When John and Jessica broke up, he felt like a worthless person.  Focusing at work became a struggle.  He started writing about his feelings.   Diving deeper as to why he was sad, he realized something. The real reason why he was sad was not because he was missing Jessica.  He was sad because he lost someone with a deep connection in his life.

breakingup get work done

Having a Game Plan

He wrote out a game plan on how he plans on attracting someone else that he can have a deep connection with. He decided to start going to the gym to get his physical appearance up, along with shopping for some new clothes.  John is going to improve his confidence when talking to new girls out in public and attend events where he finds girls of his type. All of these things sooth his mind into thinking that there is a way out of this this situation and he should not be hopeless.

Emotions are here to help us solve a problem we are having in our life. If we are sad, angry or happy we need to know what causes us to act that way. If we know the cause then we can solve the problem.  This is where writing things out helps you understand the solution to the thing that is bothering you.

Reduce the Size of the Work

Have you ever looked at the work you had to get done, and felt like it was too much and you should start later?  This common problem has an easy solution.

What we feel in this moment is the feeling of being overwhelmed.  The simple way to reduce overwhelm is to reduce the size of the work that needs to get done.  When we are overwhelmed we tend to feel like you should do something else that is easier. It makes it easy to give up on what you wanted to do now.  Your mind starts to make excuses for you to make it seem like its a good idea to not work right now.

No More Overwhelm

This is exactly where you need to catch yourself.  Right away reduce the size of the work you need to get done to something that seems so easy you want to do it. By reducing the workload, you reduce the overwhelming feelings that were associated with the larger workload. With those feelings out of the way, you can focus on your work much more clearly.

Here is an example you might relate to.  Sophie told herself she was going to read 1000 page novel.  As soon as she approaches the book to start reading she feels overwhelmed.  So, knowing that she felt overwhelmed, she decides to say, “I am just gonna read 5 pages today.”  She picks up the book now to read. Why? Five pages of reading is nothing and she can do that right now! Once she is in the zone, she ends up reading more and more.

Reducing the work size has an added benefit: It makes you want to do more.  You are carried by momentum to get more work done, once it has started. Simply starting to do the work will build momentum for you to strive forward.

Change of Priorities

Maybe at this time, reducing the size of your work and writing your thoughts out has not helped you clear that cloud away so you can focus on your work. You may need to reconsider if what you are doing is the right thing in the moment.

Lack of Focus

When you are emotionally clouded, you cannot focus. If you cannot focus on what you need to do work wise, the only long term sustainable solution is to go out and find a way to solve the emotional problem you are having.

Let’s say you are dreading to make a phone call to a friend where you have to let them know some bad news. You cannot make it to their birthday this weekend. Their birthday is important to them and he or she will react poorly to it.  This is causing you some stress and anxiety. You are afraid of how they will feel about your friendship after this.  The only way to focus on your work at this point might be to formulate what you are going to say to your friend. Try to soften to the blow by making it up to them in other ways.  You have a plan and call them once you have created your plan.  This has made your fear of how they would react go away. You can now work!

How it Helps

Being able to face something that is bothering you is exactly what your emotions are asking for.  They want you to take action so you can solve them.  This way you can be free to focus on other things. The only way to do this is to go attack the emotion and solve it before you try and get the work done!

Get Work Done Now!

gettingthingsdone get work done

It is truly nearly impossible to get work done when you are emotionally clouded.  All you can think about those times is the emotion you might be facing and not necessarily to get work done.

The best ways to do handle it is to find a way to temporarily reduce the effect the emotion is having on you. This can be done by writing out how you feel, reducing the size of your work, and changing up what you work on so you handle that emotional event right away!

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