We are all dealt bad cards and hard times in life. Some way worse than others.  Think about a break up that you were blind sided by. Think about a death in the family that you were completely unexpected to have happen.

These things can hit you and completely throw you off your rocker. Lets discuss some things that can get you through the storm of hard times into success.

Notebook Sessions

hard times

I am going to talk about this again.  I promise I will never stop talking about it because it is so crucial. It has gotten me through some really hard times.  You must, must, must write out your thoughts and feelings in order to see them and know how to fix them.

It sheds a third party perspective on what you can do to a situation to make it better. The first step is to write out how you feel.  Describe the thoughts and feelings you are having to the max.

Let those thoughts take you on ride.  Ask your self questions about them, dive into those feelings some more.

Once you can do that, question it as if you are someone else.  This is where the magic happens because you are now viewing it from a 3rd party’s perspective and can think logically.

Check to see if your beliefs are valid, or if you are placing your own thoughts on the situation causing you think in a different way then you should.

Talk it Out with Someone Else

hard times

Talk it out with a friend or family member. Don’t be holding back.  When you talk to someone else, you get your thoughts out of your head and have to verbalize them to make sense of it. This helps solve any problems of holding the problem in your head. How situation X makes you feel Y.

Thats how you get it out and pinpoint the problem. If you need to get help from someone outside consider signing up for a consulting call with me where I can walk you through you problems and pull it out what you need to do!

Go do Something Fun and Exciting

hard times

When you do something fun and exciting it can take your mind off the negative experience that you are facing. It can put things in perspective.

To give you a similar situation of how this worked for me, here is an example. The other day I was facing a dark cloud and hard time mentally. The cloud was clouding my thinking all day long. As I am walking down the street, a bird shit directly on my chest. I was at first like: “What the fuck man!” Then I just started laughing because I was no where near home and had to walk around New York and to church with SHIT on the middle of my chest.

Other people were looking at me but I realized that all it took was this tiny situation to get me angry, because I let itLife it is too short to worry about things for long.  Make sure you ask yourself, will this affect me in 5 years? If it will find a way to handle it, if not, do not take it so seriously as that can affect your mood as it is.

Make sure You are Physically Well

hard times

When you are facing a hard time, tons of shit can start can start to feel okay for you to do to your self and your body. You might think its ok to start eating like shit, stop working out or going to bed late.

All of these things affect your mental state to an extent. You are already getting affected by an outside circumstance, why not try and prevent anything worse from happening by shoring up your defenses!

Mindset – Learn from Hard Times

hard times

Realize that pain is part of growth.  Pain gets you to grow into a new version of you. This pain that you are facing whether emotional or physical has a lesson for you to learn so you won’t allow it to happen again.

In my first business, I lost 11 K in the first year.  Thats terrible.  It made me learn that in my second business, I cannot take losses unless I am making money first. The lesson was painful which helped me get to the next level mentally!

Go Face Hard Situations Head on

Go ahead, tackle those hard times and become better from it. No more adversity, just take it and learn from it.

Shift your mind, shore up your physical health, do something fun and exciting, talk it out with someone else, and write your feelings out.  These are all things that you can do to get you to feel great and past the hard times in life.

Remember to Grow with the Flow!

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