Ever had a scenario affect you in two completely different ways at two separate points in your life? Have you ever had someone else react a different way to same scenario that occurred to both of you?  Why do you think this happens?  It is largely due to the fact that you chose how to react to that situation that occurred.  It is not necessarily the problem that itself that created the outcome. The reaction was from your beliefs that affected the result.  Let us discuss how your beliefs can severely affect how you react to situations and produce different feelings towards them.

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How the flow works

Currently you have a set of beliefs that dictate your moods, your actions and reactions.  So, lets analyze how something occurs in your life and how you may end up reacting to it.  First the situation actually happens.  That situation is seen, heard, felt through the senses.  The senses then send that information to your mind to be processed so you can have a valid reaction to it.  Your mind has deep seated beliefs that teach it how to act in a certain way (based on its training from prior experiences).  What is used to determine what is good and what is bad from it? Exactly what you thought.  It is your beliefs that determine that.  The reaction is a combination of two things: what happened in the situation, and your perception of what happened through the filter of your beliefs.

An Example of Beliefs

Mark and his friend Ben are both in long distance relationships.  Mark and his girlfriend text every couple of days and are very trusting of one another.  Ben and his girlfriend are texting all day long. When the other person does not answer they bombard the other person with text messages and phone calls.  Mark and his significant other trust each other and believe that the other person would never cheat on the other.  Ben and his girlfriend have both been cheated on in the past and have a hard time trusting each other. 

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The reason that Ben and his girlfriend need to text all the time is so they can get the validation that fights against their belief of the other person being a cheater.  When they aren’t texting they get anxiety and worry. It links to an emotional pathway in the brain signifying the pain associated with cheating.

How do we change the flow?

You cannot change the fact that the brain will process your thoughts. It will always pass them through your deep seated beliefs first but we can hack the beliefs.  If we hack the beliefs than we can change our reaction to the situations which in hand will change our feelings.

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Result of this on Mark and Ben’s Relationships

Ben has learned to trust his girlfriend even more now after attacking any of his deeper seated insecurities that might not have been obvious. Ben has used techniques such as visualizing, affirmations and changing his environment fully to make himself a more trusting person.  This has reduced amount of anxiety and worry he has felt on a day to day basis.  He can reduce the amount of time spent on texting his girlfriend and focus on more important tasks!

Change Your Reactions Today!

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