Today we have a question from @joyal_thomas.  He asks – I don’t know what my goal in life is.  Its like there are many options and I do not know which one to chose.  Well that’s a great question.  I will give you my take on how I found my life’s purpose through my personal story.

So just like everyone else at one point in my life I had no idea what I wanted to do.  There were so many things out there to do, it seemed nearly impossible to pick one.  Because in the back of my head I always had this fear – what if I chose the wrong thing??

Life’s Purpose: High School

Now, keep in mind I am going to high school and at the time junior year comes around, it seems as if everyone around me has picked out what they want to major in, in college.  I literally have no idea what I want to do.  I barely know what I like doing at this point other than hanging out with my friends.

I felt like I never had this much responsibility.  I had to chose what I was going to do the rest of my life in the coming months.  That seemed so scary.

I spoke to my guidance counselor with my mom, and the guidance counselor had helped me decide.  He told me that since I am a fan of computers, and I am good in maths and sciences, I should take a look at doing this new hot field of computer engineering.  I was also told that engineers make a lot of money when growing up. So, when I heard that I was like yeah.  I a want to be a computer engineer.

Life’s Purpose: College

Fast forward a bit,  I am in college now, and I am procrastinating in a lot of my classes.  I do not like a lot of what is in my curriculum.  As a computer engineer you must take electrical engineering courses and computer science courses. The only issue is it was heavily electrical engineering courses.  Those were the classes I hated!

Junior year I had an internship where I was a software engineer and I really liked it! That solidified my thought of I want to be a software engineer not a computer engineer.

Narrowing it Down

Next year, I tried to take more courses in that field but the school would not let me.  I spoke to teacher on teacher, the dean and my guidance counselor and got nothing.  (One the of many reasons I hate school they forced me to stay in a curriculum that I didn’t want to be in.)

So I did not let that stop me.  I tried learning as much as I can in the courses I had to take and I applied to jobs only for software engineering roles.

This now led me to work at the company I interned at.  While I was there, I was learning more about the field and realized that I did not want to just do software engineering, I wanted to do web development.  I started learning that on the side when I got home from work.

Quitting to Find Out More

This leads me up to when I quit my job to dive in.  I learned more and ore about web development.  But I started to realize something.  I really liked playing around with Alexa at the time.  So I started making applications for Alexa. If you go back in my channel you can see those videos I made of Alexa skills I created.

So then from there I got a job as a software developer working on those voice applications like Alexa and google assistant.

But here is the thing, while I like software development, I started to realize that I truly care about self improvement and helping people overcome their problems.  I think that this is my true passion.  But who knows, 5 years from now it might be real estate investing, or working at a McDonalds.  I have no idea what life will throw at me

How to Know Your Life’s Purpose

Now why am I telling you all of this?

Theres a few things I want you to take out of the story.  The first thing – you must be open to trying things.  I went to my guidance counselor and asked other people what I should do (like my parents). While they might not always have the best idea, they can give me a start when I was totally clueless.

The second thing was the guidance counselor helped me decide what I wanted to do by having me list out the things that I like and the things that I am good at.  Ultimately you want what you pick as your skill to be the intersection of both of these.  I was good in math and sciences.  I enjoyed playing around with computers in my free time.  This lead to the obvious choice of computer engineering.  Now, its not my passion now, but it was back then and it was out best guess

The third thing I want you to take out of this – Learn that you will not be able to pick your perfect passion 999/1000 times right off the bat.  I picked computer engineering, then niched down to software engineering, then to web development then to Alexa development and now to helping people overcome life’s problems with action.  So you need to take your best guess.

Take Some Action

So first, list out the things you like and the things you are good at.  Attempt to find the intersection between the two.  Once you do, start learning, creating and doing things that someone who is in that field would do.  For me, helping people overcome their problems involves talking to people about their problems and helping them, learning about the problems I have overcome in my life, and teaching as much as I can.  What does it mean for you? Comment down low with your thought process

So, as I mentioned – this is my passion.  I need your help to make my passion my full time gig.  My goal is to reach 1K subscribers on my YouTube Channel by January 1st.  If you liked this video please consider subscribing and share the videos on my channel to anyone who may need this.  Maybe you have a friend going to college, or maybe an adult that is looking for a career change.  Whoever you are – I need your help.   Remember that no matter what you are facing, you can overcome it with just a little bit of action! Check out my mailing list here!

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