This is a big one.  Anger. We have all faced it (Unless you are this super laid back guy). How many times have you been driving, and someone cuts you off? Right then and there you feel like you want to murder the person who cut you off.

Before you pull out your AK47 and empty a clip into their car, you come back to your senses and then you realize there is nothing much you can do. But you are still feeling anger, and it does not make you feel good.

You are on edge and more snappy at everything that comes your way. If this has happened to you before, then you are in the right place.  Here I teach you how to overcome your problems. Lets discuss a few things you can do to deal with your anger

No Venting

First things first, before you start doing something, STOP STOP venting. I know you might think that venting is a good thing, and in some scenarios it actually is. But when you are feeling intense anger it is not.

Let me explain. When you are venting you are bringing up the emotions that you felt during the situation (aka anger) as you discuss it with the other person (or sometimes yourself). Here we are trying to NOT feel anger. So bringing up the emotions again is not something we are looking to do.vWe are looking to get rid of them so please, please do not bring them back up by venting about it.

Change the Story

So, I have said this before but emotions are caused by your perceptions of the situation. There is a situation that happened in your life or maybe someone else. You heard it or experienced it in some fashion. Next, your brain processed it. Then you felt an emotion.

You can check out the article I wrote on it here.

So, if you change your perception of what happen by changing the story

You might feel as if someone did it a bad thing to you out of spite

Or out of malicious intent

But if you change the story of what happened and who caused what, then you will be able to reshape it and give completely different meaning to it!


When you are feeling anger sometimes you feel like you are given a shot of energy and you just need to get it out of your system. One of the best ways to get the energy out of your system is to go expend it by doing something that is exhausting like an intense workout. This is a healthy way to get all of your pent up anger out because a workout is good for you and will help you regulate your emotions in the future.

Channel your Anger

Going off the last point you want to find a way to channel this energy into a positive way. Is there something that you can get done that would move you forward?

Use that anger you have built up and use that to propel you into action, rather than a destructive action. Find a way to get something out of this negative energy by using it to propel you forward.

Watch Something Funny

There is nothing better that you can do to get yourself out of your angry state then watch a funny video. Load up a funny video on YouTube from your favorite comedian, tv show or a YouTuber and start watching.

When you laugh you release endorphins that cannot make you feel down for long. Instead it makes you be in a positive state.

It will help you realize that what you are angry about plenty of the time is not as serious as you make it. When you realize that you will be like why was I even angry in the first place?


This is a huge way to get rid of your anger. Meditation is a way to focus on one thing for an extend period of time.

It is a relaxing thing that puts your mind at ease. Check out headspace or calm they help you with mediation if you have never had it before.

Write it out

I am not even gonna go into depth here – just please check out all of these posts on my site.

Get Rid of Anger Today!

What are you waiting for? If you are reading this and you are feeling some level of anger.  Get rid of it by taking action.  If you enjoyed this post, you can show your appreciation by joining my community of patrons!

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