These past few days I have been feeling really down on myself. The one thing that saved me heading down a downward spiral of negativity was Mental Awareness.

 What’s going on everyone, I am Antonio.  I am passionate about self improvement.  I truly believe that no matter what you are facing in your life, you can overcome it!

The Stress

So recently I have been a little down on myself.  As many of you know I have a full time job, I go to the gym 6 days a week, I am helping people here on YouTube, on instagram, twitter, facebook, through podcasts, my blog and my book.

To keep producing and creating every single day for all these platforms, it takes tons of hard work.  Often times I am working from when I wake up at 5 in the morning to 8:30/9 at night.

So to paint the picture, I was showing up, everyday getting my work done.  I would go to bed and feel accomplished.  But the past few weeks have been extra stressful.  I am working hard to build a course for you, I am trying new things out on YouTube, doing a few collaborations, and I started a new job.  

All of these things have caused me to work even harder and cut more things out of my life.


This past weekend, I did not feel like doing much.  Normally I want to go out and have some fun! Talk to friends, hang out with my girlfriend, see my family.  Do something to take a break from the work.

But I did not and I just kept working through it. That’s where I made my mistake.  I kept working although I felt the pain building up.  I was feeling sad.  I was obsessed with the work, and finding no time to actually enjoy life.

It got to the point that I had a few friends come over on Saturday and the entire day leading up to it, I was just sad, mopey and not really happy.  My friends were like: “Yo man what’s going on with you, why are you so down?”

Normally I am this positive person that tries to bring other people up, but I was sitting there without a smile on just not feeling happy or satisfied.

As soon as other people where noticing, I knew I had to do one thing.  I had to write out how I was feeling so I could handle this.

Writing Out My Thoughts

So, I pulled out my notebook and started writing out what was going on – how I was being mopey and what I had done the past few weeks. I had the realization of what I was doing wrong.  I have been working so hard and long that I simply was not putting enough attention to my friends and family who care about me alot.

Instead of nurturing those relationships that help me stay sane, help me relax and have fun, I was feeling like crap.  I felt lost like my purpose was going to waste.

Making a Change

So I knew something had to change.  I woke up the next day, went to church, after church, I decided I am going to walk back instead of biking so I can be alone with my thoughts for longer.  I realized that I need to find pockets of time that I can use to spend with them.  Because if I cannot find time to spend with my family, friends or girlfriend who add to my life, then what am I even doing this all for? What’s the purpose of all my work? If have no one to spends joyous times with.

When I was walking and realized this, It must have been a sign from God – my friend Rishi from Germany FaceTimed me.  I talked to him  for a good hour and half, then I hung out with my roommate Hamdy for about 30 minutes, then I called my girlfriend and we talked for 2 hours, then I spoke to my mom for another 15.  All of that talking and spending some time with my family, friends and girlfriend made me feel so much better! I actually wanted to get work done again right after!

What I really want you to take out of this is the power of being mentally aware. If I never had that mental awareness by writing out my thoughts and understanding the benefit of it, I would easily have gotten depressed, not known what was wrong with me, and then I would have had more and more problems in my life.

It was Tony Robbins who said, two things make people happy gratitude and progress.  I was neither grateful, because I was focused on my weakened friendships, and I was not making progress in my relationships they were weakening.  That was hurting my mood, which was affecting every single area of my life.

If you are mentally aware, you can get yourself out of the cloudy emotional days and back to the sunny days of being happy!

Remember no matter what you are facing, you can overcome it!

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