avoidingI talk about facing your fears all of the time whether its on my channel or here.  I am proponent of making sure you are constantly growing. One way to guarantee that you are constantly growing is to face your fears every second you can. Every time a fear is faced you increase your comfort zone and teach your body to face it.  Today we are going to discuss how you can find out what you fear through avoidance.

Avoiding is the Key

avoid avoiding

Something I have come to learn from experience is that when you are avoiding something there tends to be a fear beneath that avoidance. Lets look at an example. You want to ask for a raise at work because you think you are doing a great job and want to save up some money for a house.  Everyday, you are waiting for the perfect time to catch your manager but it never comes. You tell yourself, I can’t go ask her now, because she seems really busy or I can’t ask now because she is eating food. While there may be some level of validity to what you are saying, your fear of actually asking and going out of your comfort zone is whats really stopping you.

Challenge with Avoiding

avoidance avoiding

The challenge with this is that we usually cannot tell the difference because our mind is playing tricks on us.  We think that we have a legitimate reason why we should avoid something.  In reality we are just making an excuse for ourselves.

Our mind does an amazing job at convincing us that our excuses are valid.  Then we tell ourselves we cannot do anything, and its time to avoid the situation. To us it makes complete sense.  You need to stop listening to this voice in your head.

How do we stop Avoiding?

One skill that can could help us here is Mental Awareness. Being aware of what your insecurities and fears are could give you a clue as to why you may be finding excuses to why you are avoiding the current situation.

Doing things like notebook sessions where you write out your feelings, or like meditation where you can see your thoughts as they float on by in your head can do wonders to catch yourself in the middle of avoiding a scenario due to your fears. Check out my book if you want a way to get this in more depth.  Being more cognizant of your fears allows you to point them out when they are about to happen!

Stop Avoiding Your Fears Today

Spend time becoming better with your mental awareness.  Learn to meditate in order to see your thoughts as they happen.  Lets figure out which of our fears affect us the most.  Then we can realize that they will probably affect us in our decision making. Only then will we be able to change the action we take.

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