I am no where near perfect. I realize that with me teaching everything here on this site and on my YouTube Channel, it may make it seem like I am this perfect human being that never fails.  That is not true in the slightest, I have to confess something today.

Confess:  I am not Perfect

confess usher

There are times when I don’t want to workout, times when I don’t push myself to my fullest potential.  Sometimes I can stick to my diet sometimes I do not. Occasionally I take a warm shower and shy from taking the frigid shower.

There are times when my emotions get the best of me and my thoughts become clouded.  I am looking for those. I sometimes forget I make plans or commitments to other people and I let them down. I am not perfect and that is what I confess.

What I am Trying to do

I am not perfect. But being perfect is not the purpose of my blog, or my YouTube channel or my brand.  The purpose of my brand is that you can first realize your flaws. Once realized, instead of using them as excuses as to why you do not get something done, you instead know what you did wrong, apologize for acting that way and make an active improvement for it.

We don’t give up simply because we tend to make mistakes, we actively seek out how to improve and fix the holes in our character so we can have a full-filled life, one filled with love, happiness, continuous growth through struggle, and whatever else your heart desires.

Confess Your Imperfections

nobodys perfect confess

I challenge you to take any imperfection you have and admit it.  If you can admit it to the world then you know it to be true.  When you know its true, you can take action steps to overcoming it.  Thats what I want from this brand.  To make sure you have all the help you can get to overcome your imperfections to the best of your ability and become successful, whatever that means for you.

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