Over the past couple of years, social media has become a staple in our society. With cellphones having data and always being connected this has expedited the process as well.

People cannot go somewhere without taking a picture for the gram, or sending a snapchat to all of their friends.  In the recent political season, people ran straight to facebook and twitter to tell all their followers how they really felt about the president.

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I have extremely mixed feelings on Social Media, and probably very different views than most people in the world have.  I wanted to talk about them today!

Social Media: The Pro

We live in an era right now, that you can post any picture, video, message or link and share it with millions of people in seconds.  Using instagram, you can share an image about something you are doing to your followers.  Using facebook, you can create interest groups, pages for a business and reach and target new customers around the world.  With twitter you can share articles and your thoughts to tons of people around the globe.  On snapchat you send pictures and videos of what you are doing to other people within seconds that “disappear” after seconds of viewing.

Never has there been a time where, from anywhere in the world (with cell/internet service) can you reach millions of people on these platforms in seconds.  Before this, you needed to go to a news outlet or some place that had tons of people following it in order for you to get that kind of visibility. Social Media gives you this ability of easily reaching tons and tons of people at once without having to truly go through a middle man, giving more control to every person.

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Real Quick: it also allows you to keep in touch with people in different ways other than texting and phone calls.  Which is definitely convenient.

Social Media: The Many Things Wrong With it

Onto the good stuff.  Here is a long list and I could go on forever but I will try to limit it.

First, the whole data thing.  These companies are collecting so much information about our habits and what we do. They are then selling that ad companies to make more money off of us.  I personally think its a breach of privacy when they are listening through my microphone about what I am saying all the time and selling that information.  I want to have what I say offline be personal.

Next up, fake people that love these sites.  People tend to act so differently online then they do in person.  They believe they can hide behind a computer and act in a completely different way than they would to your face. I absolutely despise this behavior it does not reflect well on anyone that does it.  People want you to be authentic and who you really are.

On top of this, it builds this perception in your head that people are perfect.  You only get to see the good things that are happening in their life, instead of seeing the important things – failures and what got them there.

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Following that is having an addiction to It.  My theory is that most people are addicted to social media and they do not even know it. I didn’t have a facebook for three years and people looked at me crazy for it.  I thought that they were crazy for having one.  They couldn’t seem to miss out on facebook event invites, or people wishing them a happy birthday.  When we get notifications we receive dopamine, that makes us want to receive more of them.  Since it is so easy to get a like on a post it encourages people to seek out more and more likes so they can get dopamine from the social approval

Last, it is simply a waste of time.  Have you even been at work and see people scrolling through their social media feeds? It is a huge distraction and time waster.

What Can You Do?

There was a time period where I deleted all forms of social media other than snapchat – I like sending pictures/videos to people over text messages so I actually see some use in this one.

I suggest you do the same, do it for a couple of months and come back here and tell me how you feel.

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I am willing to bet you will feel happier as you are not being forced to see only good things, and when you think about your life only negative things happening.

What Do You Think?

Do you think social media is a good thing? I am trying to use it for its potential power right now.  After a couple of years, if social media does not have that same power then I am willing to forget about it! Are you? Comment below and let me know what you think!

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