Did you ever think that changing a few words of yours could change your life? Its ok, neither did I.  Read on and I will share my story about how a few words changed my life, and how it can change yours too!

Back in College

So, back when I was a junior in college, I was studying computer engineering.  I wanted to make good money from my job (just like anyone else), and I wanted to live an area where there was plenty of things to do.  Being in New Jersey, the best place to be was New York City.  There is so much to do and so much to see.

A couple of friends and I all had this goal, to get jobs in New York City and live together.  At the same time I was reading Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. The book that changed my life.  This book talks about using visualization to attract things into my life.  So I tried visualizing me getting a job in New York City.

Let’s fast forward a little. Nearly two years later at graduation time, I did not end up getting a job in New York City, but a bunch of my friends did.  Instead I got a job right outside my school! I was so confused, how all my friends who were not doing the affirmations and visualizations got there, but I couldn’t.  Starting to doubt myself, I was thinking that it would never happen, thinking that maybe it just was not meant to be.

After being at the first job, I quit after 11 months.  I decided that I was gonna learn the skills necessary to get a job as a Software Engineer in New York.  No matter what it took.  This was scary as I had 0 income to survive off of now.


Now, I was visualizing and using affirmations over and over. Something was still missing. I kept messing up in my interviews.

I kept telling myself: I Will have a job in New York city by October first 2016.  Then when I did not get that goal I would set a new one, I will get a job by January 1st, 2017.   Then that one failed, and so on. Fast forward to June 2017.  It has been 13 months without a job and 4 years since I have wanted a job in New York City as a software developer.

I was re-reading Think and Grow Rich. The secret of what I wanted to attract into my life was there, I just did not know what I was missing.  I kept hitting my head against the wall. After all I knew I was smart enough, I knew I had the skills for the job.  But why was I not getting it?

I came across this part in the book – “Your subconscious mind recognizes and acts only upon thoughts which have been well-mixed with emotion or feeling.”

I was seeing myself in New York City hanging with my friends, but I was not really feeling it.  I did not feel how awesome it would be to hang with my friends all the time. Or how much I would enjoy living in one of the best cities in the world, filled with opportunity.  I did not feel the feeling I would get from making the amount of money I was gonna make.  I was missing all of this.


So I did two things, I changed my visualizations to feel as if I had this thing right now.  As if I woke up and started hanging in New York City today.  How that felt. I really focused on the emotions. When it came to affirmations, I had to change the tense of my words.  I changed the affirmations to act as if I had that thing already.

To give you an example: I took my affirmation of “I will have a job in New York City by October 1st, 2016” and changed it to “I have a job in New York City as a Software developer”.

All I had to do was just to change “I will” to “I have”.

See the thing is the subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between what is real and what is imagined.  If you tell it you will have it, you will never actually have it.  You must tell it you have it before you do, and truly believe you have it.  Thats when the riches come right away.


So I am not messing you with when I say this, but TWO WEEKS after I changed this habit, I got a job offer from an awesome opportunity, that exceeded my monetary Goal, allowed me to live in New York, in an cool and fun work environment.

Thats what I wanted you to take away from this.  You must act as if you have it.  You cannot act like it is something that will come. If you don’t then your mind will think it will always be in the future, use visualization and affirmations to your advantage!

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