Plenty of people think that your true character is how you act on a normal basis.  This is true to an extent, but not completely true.  Today I wanted to discuss what someone’s true character is like and when it actually is showed.

What is Character?

In order to get us all on the same page here, lets get a definition for what character is. So, I obviously headed over to Google and received this as a definition: the mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual.

We tend to think of character as how someone choses to act in a specific moment.  After all your character determines how you would act.  So, when we analyze your actions we should have a good depiction of how your character is.

We usually of think someone who has good character as a person who does something that is valiant or for the good of other people.  Someone who is willing to sacrifice their own well being for maybe someone else’s.  For example someone who does charity work full time,  would be seen as someone of good character.

We tend to associate bad character with someone who tends to be selfish or evil.  Maybe someone who steals from other people for themselves, or someone who kills other people would fall under this category. Your character is something that can be tested every single day, and how you act determines what your character is to other people.

Time True Character Shows

Here is the thing, most people think that character is how you act normally. How you act when there are people watching, when things are good in your life (meaning there are not many things that you are facing at the moment that would weigh you down) shows true character. I disagree with this idea completely.

That is not a true test of your character.  Since character is defined as the mental and moral qualities that are distinctive to an individual, it must be how they act at all times.  Meaning in every single moment. Especially in a time when it is not easy.  In a time when you have to go out of your way, or in a time when you are faced with plenty of other challenges and life is stressful, or one where you are alone and you might not get any recognition for it

true character

Take these two examples: going the extra mile at work because you know your manager would be happy, or going the extra mile in your personal business that you started after work, when no one sees the extra hours you are putting in.  Which one is a display of true character and which one is simply a way to try to get your boss to like you?

How to Build True Character

How do you spend your time wisely in a way that allows you to build a tough character?

First you need to plant the seeds of true and good character in your mind by mapping out how you want to act. Ask yourself: what are the qualities of your character you want or want to work on?  One way you could do this is to look at people you want to emulate and pick certain qualities you want to have from there.

From there you can start to act that way in tough times.  The more you act that in way in tough times gets you where you want to be.  It comes down to practicing to act in a certain way while convincing yourself you are a person of outstanding character.

I want to be know as part of my character that I am someone who does everything correctly with hard work and puts in the extra mile even when it is not expected.  So I started doing this with everything in my life,  even the little things like washing the dishes. This trained my mind to act this way no matter the circumstance.

true character

Go Get Your True Character!

This is all a waste unless you go take some action.  In fact that should be the first thing you try to do when developing your character: become a doer or a person of action.  Take action and it will be hard to not succeed here.

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