If you have been following along thus far, understand that I love all parts of the success mindset. This ranges from productivity, to visualization to hard work.  One area I see that does not get talked about much are emotions and emotional control. Specifically, how they affect your path towards success.  From now on, I will be talking about exactly that.

Before we can go any farther lets analyze and understand what emotions are truly.

Emotions Defined

Obviously, I headed over to Google for this one…

a natural instinctive state of mind deriving from one’s circumstances, mood, or relationships with others

Lets break it down to each of its parts.  I hope to come up with our own definition in our own words so we truly understand what emotions are.

Natural Instinctive State Of Mind

nature emotions

When I hear this phrase, it makes me think of a couple of things. First it is natural, meaning that it is a normal occurrence, something that is supposed to happen. It is something that is organic to human nature or perhaps to other living beings as well.

Instinctive shows that it is part of our instincts. When I hear instinctive, it makes me believe it is part of us from the beginning. It also makes me think we were trained to act in that specific way or to react in a certain way.

State of mind seems to make it so that emotions take over the mind and are the dominating thought.  Meaning that we can only think of the emotion, or at least it is is the main thought process at the time.

Deriving from…

One’s Circumstances

This is your current situation.  These are the things that are happening at this moment in your life.  They are the outside circumstances that are happening to you.  They could affect your life in many ways.

Let’s look at an example here: Mike is currently going through a divorce with this wife of 25 years.  It was the only relationship he has ever been in and loves his wife very much.  He is heartbroken.  This is making him so sad he is borderline depressed.  It is affected all areas of his life.  He is barely getting any work done at his job.

There is no definite way to tell how a circumstance will affect you.  All you can tell is that every event or circumstance will affect you in some way.

One’s Mood

mood emotions

Your mood or the way you feel is based from your current emotional state.  So the emotions that you feel in the present affect all of the emotions you will feel in the future.

For example: Since Mike was in a sad state from his divorce, all of his future emotions are affected by this.  He used to get extremely happy when the New York Mets won a ball game, but now he cannot even smile at that.  When something small happens to him, such as coffee gets spilled on him, he gets angry even more than he used to.  This is all due to the fact that his divorce is having an emotional effect on his mood which is affecting his future emotions.

Relationships With Others

relationship emotions

Just as your mood or your current situation in life will determine how you feel, your relationships with other people will affect your emotions as well.  When you interact with other people, there is usually a result that comes from the interaction.  It is an objective event that occurs and you will process it in a positive or negative way.  If it is positive it can make the rest of your life more positive and if it is negative it can make the rest of your life more negative.

Going back to our Mike example, his relationship with his wife is shattered.  They may be getting a divorce and that is a permanent thing. So by the law, the relationship they had does not exist. That hurts him dearly and those emotions he is feeling is seeping into other areas of his life. It is a shame that it affects him like this but until he handles the emotions he feels from the divorce, he will continue to have the rest of his life affected by this.

My Own Definition

In my own words – an emotion is a dominating thought or feeling of the mind that occurs from past experiences and previous reactions in a persons life.  Your current emotional state is that thought you have because of the event that happened, but the way you feel stems from the past experiences you have faced.

Using this knowledge, now you can come to understand your own emotions a little deeper and maybe analyze where they have stemmed from.  I will be talking about that in my future posts.

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