Negative People.  There are SO many of them.  The bad thing is you might consider yourself a positive person, but being around negative people all the time can make you even more negative.

My goal for this post is to make you go from being surrounded by negative people, to controlling your surroundings so you can live a positive life.

walking around negative people

My Story

I am Antonio Cucciniello.  I am passionate about Self Improvement.  I believe that no matter what you are facing you can overcome it!

This all started back at my first job, I was a software engineer. I was making good pay for my first position, and from the outside looking in, most people would say this is an awesome job to have.  Despite that, I was NOT happy.

There was this aura of negativity everywhere you went.  My coworkers were always looking for something to complain about. Whether it was a meeting, getting some work done, or the food in the cafeteria, there was always something for the negative people to complain about.  So what did I do?

Pinpoint the Culprits

First off, in each of my interactions, not everyone at the job was negative, but there were some that were more negative than others.  I spent time figuring out which of my coworkers were the really negative ones.  

For example, there were three or four developers there that just had NOTHING good to say, ever.  They would actually just say things like: “Dude, today just sucks, its raining out, a bird pooped on my car, and now I have work to do. Life sucks.” As soon as I pinpointed these people as negative I had to do something about them.

Takeaway: Pinpoint the negative people as early as you can.

Limit Exposure that You Control

At work, people might make the excuse that you are forced to be around people.  That is true, to an extent.  If you really look at it, you can limit interactions that are in your control.

Once I realized that people were negative and bringing down my mood, I did not spend more than one second around them that I did not have to.  I made sure to avoid them. I had to limit in person interaction.

An example of how I did this was when one of them wanted to talk to me, I would kindly tell them: “Hey Carl, I am a little busy right now, trying to get this part of our deadline for Walmart out the door. Can you send me an email or slack and I will get to you when I can?”  

Doing that limited the amount of in-person interaction I had with them.  It forced all interactions to take place over text.  When things happen over text, they reduce the amount of negativity that can be communicated through voice tone and body language!

Takeaway: Find areas of time that you control, and do not let the negative people in.

Fight Back with Offensive Positivity

fightback negative people

Being around negative people makes you negative.  The opposite is true as well. Being around positive people makes you positive. So, let me tell you what I did.

Two things: First, when I had any down time, I worked on my own positivity.  I listened to positive people, read positive books, listened to my affirmations, famous YouTubers, podcasts, you name it.  Anything to make my mind positive.

Second, when I was around the negative people, for every negative thing they said to me, I would say two or more positive things back at them. Think about it.  If you put out two positive things for each negative thing, what will the conversation be mostly about? Positive things. You have to control what you can and add positivity when you can.  I got this tip from Will Smith check out a video I did on him here.

Takeaway: Build up your own positivity and fight back with more positive things than negative things.

Remove Yourself from Negative People

If all of that fails, I have one thing left for you that I did. I left my job.  I walked into my manager’s office and quit.  I told him told him that I had other things I wanted to do and the negativity was just too much.  

In the end you must be happy. You should not make everyday a battle anymore then it already is!

Takeaway: When all else does not work, remove yourself from the situation.

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