You read that right! Today we are gonna see how accepting the worst case scenario allows you to get the best from a situation.

Whats up everyone! I am Antonio.  I am passionate about improving yourself and I truly believe that no matter what you are facing you can overcome it!

Let’s get into the story!

A little over two years ago I had just quit my job and had moved back home with my family.  I had just left my job in order to work on my business and focus on getting a new better job, one that I enjoyed.

At that time, I was in my first relationship.   I was dating my ex girlfriend at the time for 2.5 years.  So, you could say it was pretty serious. We were also dating long distance.  The distance and lack of seeing each other was really putting a strain on our relationship that was once very great.

One night, my girlfriend was moving, she had asked me to come up a few weekends to help. I was being a little selfish and I told her that I would help but only had time for the big things.  This caused her to be angry at me for not wanting to help her move all of her things.

She Ghosted Me…

She hung up on me.  A day went by she would not return my calls.  Then 2 days, then 3 then a week, then 3 weeks.

If you can imagine, my ex-girlfriend was someone who was very important to me.  I spoke to her every single day for nearly three years and she straight up ghosted me.  She wouldn’t talk to me.

If you can imagine I was lost, I was hurt and did not know where to turn.  It was at this point in my life where I noticed a couple of things that helped me get right back on track

First every morning when I woke up and when I went to bed, in order to be able to sleep or to focus my mind off the situation, I had to write out my thoughts.  I would sit there every night and write out how I was feeling and how I was improving. It allowed me to see what was happening in my head. Each time I sat there and wrote I understood more and more why I was feeling the way I felt.  It all started making sense.

The Realization

I realized that because I cared for her and she decided to treat me the exact opposite and not even communicate with me when I was reaching out to her, I was being hurt even more.  I was putting more and more in with getting less and less.

After some of those notebook sessions I was having, I started to notice something.  I kept telling myself what’s the worst that could happen?

I would answer that question over and over again.  The worst case scenario started not to seem so bad.  It was really a combination of me having more time to myself, having less to stress about (meaning the stress that was coming from my relationship)

Accepting the Worst Case

As each day passed with no response from my girlfriend, I felt more and more ok with what happened and that worst case scenario.  I almost started wanting the worst case.

When I accepted the worst case was gonna happen a few things changed. I started to focus a lot more, because I knew her responding to me was out of my control. So instead of wasting my time waiting for her to respond I started to take action to better my situation.

Next, it started to give me confidence again. During a break up my confidence was at its absolute lowest. Accepting where I was and the mistakes I made, I was able to find a way to correct them. I was able to focus on finding a way to improve so it would not happen again. Knowing that I was able to correct my mistakes for the future gave me a sense of promise.

Feeling Better

So, it turns out that about a month later, she reached out to me. Asking to hang out and talk. At this point, since I had accepted the worst case I already had thought we broke up.  So she continued to break up with me over text message. But I was not that hurt. I had already come to terms with the worst case scenario.  I had an expectation of that happening. That expectation allowed me to not be surprised or blind sided by the break up. It helped me.

So why am I telling you this? I think that you need to accept and be prepared for the worst thing to happen.  It often rarely does, but when it does happen and you are prepared for it, you will not be hurt by what had happened to you nearly as much as when you set your expectations higher. If you enjoyed this story about my life, join my mailing list to get these posts sent straight to you!

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