I started this blog and my business so I can help people attempt to find their truest purpose in their lives.  One thing I despise seeing is people spending countless hours doing something they do not like to do. This shows that they are in the wrong field. Finding the field that you can work the best in will help you live your best life.  It will make you feel satisfied at all times.

I want to go over 8 signs that you can use to see if you are in the wrong field.

Warning Signs You are in the Wrong Field

You are not happy

Hours every single day are spent being negative and do not feel happy or satisfied all of the time.  You struggle to stay positive at work even when good things are happening.  When a good situation happens, you tend to feel a little less shitty.

You dread going to work constantly

hating work wrong field

Every single day you fight yourself and do not want to go to work. Not liking your job, you constantly make it harder on yourself to get the work done.  You think about how poorly work will go and make these bad scenarios so much worse in your own head.

You talk poorly about what you do

 “Its just accounting, I play with numbers all day, simply boring stuff.” You say quotes like that all the time. People who love what they do, do not talk poorly about it unless they simply are not confident people.  But people who do not like what they do will spend hours ranting and raving about how much they do not like their jobs.

You dream about doing something else

daydreaming wrong field

All of your dreams are surrounded by the thought of being an artist, but you do not think you can be one.  You want to start that side gig but cannot seem to start ever.  Every 10 minutes at work you think about how awesome it would have been if you had quit and started that business you have wanted to do when you were a kid.

You feel exhausted after 8 hours of work

The 8 hours work, 8 hours rest and 8 hours play.  You heard that before. It was something that was made up in order to try and make balance.  If you are mentally drained from just 8 hours of doing something then you must not love it enough to keep working towards it.  Doing work that we do not enjoy will drain us and make us burnt out so much sooner than something that we love.  If you are so drained you cannot focus on anything consistently this is it.

You are moving from career to career

You are trying new things usually because you do not like what you currently do and do not want to keep doing it. Spending time job hopping, you are trying new things and people are starting to wonder when you will ever settle down and pick one thing.

You do not perform well at work

Its hard to do something you do not like to do. So if you spend time over and over again trying to fight yourself and do it, you are not going to be productive and get much done.  Working at something that does not motivate you or something you are excited about will be dreadful and drain your energy. That will in hand make you less productive than before.

You make excuses

excuses wrong field

You make any other excuse not listed above excuses are a way of actually avoiding the problem which is usually a way of just saying you are in the wrong field.  Excuses are a way to hide the way you truly feel about something.  It is something we make up that its kosher for everyone else to hear but something that prevents us from facing the truth

See Any Signs in Yourself?

The purpose here was for me to bring these situations to your attention. I cannot force you to take any action, that is up to you. If you notice yourself doing one of these things over and over I suggest you ask yourself the question: Is this what I really want to do?

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